100th Post! Stop SOPA/PIPA!!!

Hello, valued readers!

As many of you hopefully know, today is the Internet Blackout Day, protesting the two oppressive bills floating around in Congress now, the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

If these two bills are passed, the internet will be censored into submission, blocking sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube and even COMBO BREAKER KID.

I love sharing music with people and making bands names known, so to continue this blog is in my best interest, I think.

For more information on these two bills, here is a nice video describing them.


So what can YOU do to help stop these outrageous bills???


This petition will hopefully get the final point across to those lousy senators/representative who are threatening to take away our freedoms. You could also call your local senator and tell him/her how you feel about this issue and what is at stake if it passes. Tell them that ComboBreakerKid would be taken down!!! They would most likely know what you were talking about, right?

Well, to make this post a bit about music, here are a few tracks that I’ve been bumping in my ‘phones recently. Have a great day and make sure to sign the petition! THE INTERNET AND OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS AT STAKE!!!

(The trailer for Wes Anderson’s movie “Moonrise Kingdom” gave me this song.)

(Shadow of the Colossus has one (if not the) of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Get on getting both the game and soundtrack. NOW)

(Jeph Jacques gave me the heads-up on this one, go read his webcomic Questionable Content because it’s SO GOOD!)


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