Band Profile: We Are Indians

Hello all!

Here’s something I’ve never done on Combo Breaker Kid before! Here I am, featuring a local Connecticut band, We Are Indians. The band is composed of Alex Millan on bass and Andrew Roseman on guitar. The band formed in New Haven CT, but at the moment the pair are separated; Roseman being in Maine and Millan in Connecticut. They both have college things to do, so they make that sweet sweet music when they can.

The two started their musical journeys in 6th grade, performing in respective bands throughout their middle and high school years. After many of these bands failed, they finally made the realization that they should make music together, two creative outlets combining their powers for good, if you will.

The result is We Are Indians, a folksy group that has catchy melodies and a genuine, homegrown feel. When listening to their songs, you can really get a taste of the woods and other wood related objects. Log cabins, guitars, fireplaces, end tables made out of a cross-section of a tree then polished so you can place cups on it without getting in trouble, and other things of that sort.Very relaxing stuff, this is. Roseman’s voice is also pretty unique to the game and it really sticks out to me as something I haven’t heard before. Nice job on that one!

You should definitely check them out if you’re really into the deep-rooted, simple folky stuff or if you like really honest music. Their Facebook page contains their music along with some free downloads here and if you want to contact the band for nice bookings at

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

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