Guernica – ‘新世紀への運河 (Canal To The New Century)’ [1988]

For the uninitiated, I am very happy to present to you one of the wildest records I’ve ever listened to. It’s Guernica, the industrial revolution concept pop band from 1980s Japan, and their record 新世紀への運河, or Canal To The New Century, recorded in 1988.

Right from the start it hits you with a massive sucker punch – it is here where you will either buy in or sell out. The theatrical nature vocals, the mixture of magnificent, overwhelming orchestral arrangements and the sharp shifts in mood… If you aren’t into it from the get-go, you likely won’t find anything noteworthy here. However, I implore you to stick it out, since it will seriously transport you to a world unlike any other.

Later I plan on looking into this album more since it’s so intriguing, but for now I want you to just listen to it. Tell me what you think. The full album is a little over 30 minutes. Just put it on, don’t think about anything else and just let it take you on its weird, hallucinatory, steam-powered journey.

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