Kate NV – “дуб OAK” [2018]

One of my recent favorite composers and musicians of late, Kate NV has a new album для FOR coming June 22 via my most-stanned label, RVNG Intl. NV’s previous record, 2016’s Binasu (via Orange Milk), was an underhanded favorite of mine from that year – especially after seeing her perform songs opening for Jessy Lanza. The songs on that record took a lot of cues from the dramatic cabaret sound of 80s Japanese pop, along with a bit of chintzy electronic experimentation thrown in for good measure.

For this new record, it sounds like she’s diving into more minimal / classical territory, with a trance-inducing marimba pattern that’s accompanied by her signature brand of curious electronics. She previously released some similar-sounding tracks for RVNG Intl.’s Peaceful Protest compilation from 2017, so it makes me wonder how much of this upcoming album will be like that versus more like Binasu.

One thing I love about all of her compositions is that each individual piece within the work seem to be playing off one another. There’s something in the tone of each note that exudes a certain, unique playfulness, curiosity and character. Pretty amazing that as the “pop” structures fall to the wayside in this new song, her music still carries this jubilant air. Can’t wait for this album and hope she returns to the US soon.

Pre-order the record from RVNG HERE / Stream/buy Binasu HERE

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