Listen: 7FO – “竜のぬけがら Ryu no Nukegara” [2018]

I was recently introduced to fantastic weirdo label EM Records out of Japan, who have been releasing and reissuing truly unique and singular records for at least 20 years now. I’ll hopefully be posting about my introductory release, Takao’s Stealth, sometime soon.

For now, let’s bask in that #FridayFeeling with 7FO’s “竜のぬけがら Ryu no Nukegara” (translates to Dragon’s Husk), the title-track closer from the project’s last record. It shimmers, it bubbles, it clatters, it chimes, it lights up, it shimmies, it rumbles, it shakes, it slides, it sways. It does it all. Laying in a hammock stretch between two palm trees, a slight breeze, playing Gameboy with the sound off. Specifically Link’s Awakening. The waves slowly washing in behind you. There are a few clouds, but nothing to take away from the rejuvenating sunlight.

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