Listen: Cross Record – “PYSOL My Castle” [2019]

I was just about to post about Cross Record’s masterful 2016 record Wabi-Sabi today, but wouldn’t you know it, they just announced the have a new self-titled album coming August 2 via Ba Da Bing Records. How awesome is that? Feel free to pre-order here.

Whereas the last album seemed dark and murky with anxiety lurking around every corner, this new song sounds like everything is coming up to the surface, the morning arrives, a self-repair process has begun. Plush synths and muted percussion back up the aromatic vocals of Emily Cross. Definitely seems less rock-y than their previous material as well. It’s not a lackadaisical dream pop tune, but one that tucks around the listener and incubates them from harm surrounding them. But likewise, it’s not a completely ignorantly blissful dream – the dissonance from the nights before are still imprinted upon the melodies.

Overall – SO psyched for this record. Wabi-Sabi is a record that has grown in my heart after every subsequent listen since I discovered it at the tail end of 2016 (when we all needed it most, am I right?). Las year I got to see Loma (Cross Record + Shearwater) at Baby’s All Right here in Brooklyn. Let’s hope they’re heading back here so I can CRY in PUBLIC.

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