Listen: Dury Dava – “Σάτανα” [2019]

Looking for more Greek psych to insert into your life? Look no further than these unholy rippers from Dury Dava, a group based in Athens. Their new self-titled album has so much awesome instrumentation, it makes me question how many members are really in this group, or how many instruments they know how to play. Tons of spaced out guitar, riffs, mysterious saxophone, torch song flute, slinky bass, hand percussion – it has it all. I don’t know if I posted about them at all, but this Turkish band Altin Gün reminds me of them a lot, likely due to the similar region. Either way, if psych is your game, than you gotta give a listen to these Greek fellows. It was recommended to me since I liked that Vanishing Twin album and guess what, they weren’t wrong.

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