Recommended Albums: April 2023

Alright so usually I have no excuse for Recommended Albums posts arriving late (the Warm Visions definition of “LATE” is the post arrives 10 days after the end of the prior month). In this case, I’m a day over. To be fair, I’ve been busy. I just wrapped up an apartment search, I had been at a conference for the first week of May, and I was in Charleston for a wedding at the end of April. There’s a lot going on, but it gave me a lot of time to check out some absolutely fantastic records. I mean, cmon now. 

I highly recommend every record listed below (I guess if I didn’t, this wouldn’t be Recommended Albums then, would it?), and take your time getting through them. Some deserve repeated, purposeful listens for them to unfold for you. From disco glam, to blissful electronics and shoegaze, to psychedelic funk rock, to dubby homespun grooves, to essentially a jam band record, to soooo many more things, April 2023 ran the table. Expect to see many of the records listed below in my Top 50 for 2023.

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Recommended Albums: March 2023

Running more late than usual, it’s March 2023’s Recommended Albums. Featured below are some great records that you may have missed, plus a few that were widely praised, such as Fever Ray’s. I’d like to think most are pretty under the radar though. Definitely check them all out!

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Recommended Albums: February 2023

In this month’s edition of Recommended Albums, we feature new records from established favorites on the blog (Yo La Tengo, Kelela), relative newcomers (Miss Grit, mui zyu), and more SUPER great records from artists I’ve admired for a while (Avey Tare, BIG | BRAVE, Young Fathers).

There’s also A LOT of great tracks that came out last month from Tennis, Anna B Savage, En Attendant Ana, Uh Huh, Jacques Greene, Meernaa, U.S. Girls, Pearla and more. Below that you’ll find what else I listened to in February aside from the new stuff. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t much! It was a lot of Miles Davis, to be clear.

If anyone had been waiting for this, apologies! From preparing for SXSW, to actually attending the festival, my time was sunken into many other things. Hopefully you still dig the tunes as you progress through March’s offerings.

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Listen: Jacques Greene – “Believe” [2023]


You wanna dance? You wanna have a good time? You wanna add another burner to your running playlist like I did? Jacques Greene has got you covered with his new single “Believe”, out now via LuckyMe.

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Listen: Fever Ray – “Carbon Dioxide” [2023]


Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer)’s third album, Radical Romantics, is out TODAY via Mute Records, and ya boy is ultra stoked. Fever Ray is one of the first artists I posted about on Warm Visions, all the way back in 2010 when I ranked my favorite albums of 2009, when their debut arrived. If you’re not in the know, Fever Ray is one half of the seminal 2000s electronic pop duo The Knife, and their career as a solo artist has been particularly inspired, nearly taking ten years to make a follow-up to their amazing debut, and morphing into these manifestations seen on their album artwork and music videos. Radical Romantics ushers in another new era for Fever Ray, and I wholeheartedly approve of all the new changes.

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Listen: Bodywash – “No Repair” [2023]


Coming in with a little shoegaze for your Thursday, how does that sound? Montreal’s Bodywash put out one of my favorite records of 2019 in Comforter, one that I’ll always associate with that year’s fall, specifically with the trips I’d make by ferry to go visit my partner, who had just moved to the city. There was one trip in particular where the sunset was framed in a large hole in the clouds on the horizon. Paired with Bodywash’s “With Heat”, with the sounds of the East River sloshing beneath my feet on the jetty, and the colder air nipping my neck: it was bliss. But enough living in the past. Bodywash are back with a new LP, I Held The Shape While I Could, out April 14 via Light Organ Records. They just dropped a new single from it, “No Repair”, and it’s the closing track. You know how I am about closers.

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Listen: Scree – “Half-Death” [2023]


Get to know Brooklyn-based trio Scree ahead of their new album Jasmine On A Night In July, out March 10 via Ruination Record Co. I was put onto this record after seeing a few music writers talk about it on Twitter, so I’m glad that I got in on this party early. From the singles out so far, this record is shaping up to be an ambient country-lounge-jazz-western odyssey, with plenty of nuance, emotion, subtle drama and more. We’re not simply drifting away on some exotica-laden raft with Les Baxter in the captain’s chair, nor are we only in a French parlor room with Francois Hardy playing softly in the background. Scree takes elements from each and creates their own vibrant world, one that gets me incredibly excited to hear the full product.

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Listen: Uh Huh – “Redemption Pause” [2023]


Sometimes when you run a blog on your own you get caught up by stupid, limiting factors that hold you in place when you really want to post about new music. That could be life tasks or chores (boring!), other hobbies (ok getting better) or just plain glazed-over, void-gazing laziness (chef’s kiss).

I’ve been wanting to post about this Toronto band Uh Huh for a while now, primarily the great “Babylon”, the second single they put out from their upcoming debut, out April 14 via Telephone Explosion, but have been held back by said clutches. Is it pure luck that I find a stroke of inspiration on the same day that they release a NEW single, making this post not only desire-fulfilling to talk about a new band I like, but also achieving a sense of making a deadline? A time-sensitive success? Only time will tell. Ok, enough getting meta, let’s get into the track at hand.

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Listen: Kate NV – “mi (we)” [2023]

In the summer of 2017, I happened to see Kate NV perform in Brooklyn three times in a two week span. Once by chance (opening for Jessy Lanza @ House of Yes), and twice by seeking out her gigs since she was visiting from Russia, and I was impressed enough the first time that I wanted to catch a full set. She was in town for the now-defunct Northside Festival, mind you – I didn’t think I could get this opportunity for a while after. One of these shows through Northside was an Orange Milk Records showcase, where I got to see Honnda, Giant Claw, Kate NV and Foodman in one space: in the basement of a seafood restaurant. Pretty cool! All this to say, NV put on a great set, despite me being super unfamiliar with her material up to that point. The closer especially was a ton of fun, with its clattering bells and janky stops-and-starts. Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t super familiar with her 2016 debut album, but thought that such a fun closing would definitely be on it. Wrong! Ok well maybe it would come on her 2018 album – nope! And 2020? NAH! I didn’t even know the actual name of the track! Would I have to solely listen to the song via live clips on YouTube? Would a studio version of this track ever come?

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Listen: Meernaa – “I Believe In You” [2023]


Holy smokes, is that what I think it is? A standalone post about new music on Warm Visions? That’s right folks, I’m willing up the effort to post about music on my own personal music blog. It’s true, I can’t let these allegations of “not a music blog” bog me down any longer. And what better way to break the funk than by posting about one of my more anticipated + exciting musicians to come out in a while: Meernaa, aka Oakland-based musician Carly Bond!

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