Recommended Albums: October 2022

Holy smokes, a Recommended Albums that’s actually on time?? Well folks, this month’s post can definitely be considered a “COVID isolation activity”. I finally got the dang thing, breaking my legendary streak on my birthday of all days, and essentially shut me down to just listen to music that came out last month (although at a point early on I was so sick that even Grouper’s Ruins on the lowest volume hurt my feverish brain). All that to say, I got sick which helped me prioritize writing this post. The quality of the albums I’m featuring helped as well.

I listened to a lot of albums from October 2022. Around 40-45 I think, which is still meager to some music writers, but still. This seemed like a lot to me, especially since there seemed to be so many “high-profile” records out, both in the major and indie worlds. Most of my listening revolved around checking out September 2022 albums (I binged Shygirl’s Nymph a TON), continuing to absolutely blast The Sea and Cake at every chance I get, checking out a few new-to-me records (like Kruder & Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions, Shuggie Otis’ Wings of Love, refreshing my memory of artists I saw live that month (caroline, Jessie Ware) and revisiting old favorites since I traveled a lot last month.

Not to mention, I also had a lot of fun listening to music that actually came out in October. My favorite of the bunch is definitely from Lucrecia Dalt, who I’ve been following now for what seems like a decade. I couldn’t be happier to see all the new attention she’s been getting on this album – super deserved! I had high expectations going into the Palm album and was a bit scared to listen to it, but the album not only met my stupid aspirations, it’s continuing to reveal weird new secrets upon each subsequent listen. And I would be remiss without mentioning the Canadian poets Shabason & Krgovich, whose album I’ve been loving for some time now, and applaud them for making such an awesome companion and stepping stone up from their similar collaborative album from 2020, Philadelphia.

There’s a lot more to October than just those three albums I mentioned. There’s actually even more than the full ten albums I have featured below. I’ve picked a few songs a bit further down which will give you hints at other records I enjoyed from the month, as well as a few loose treasures to adorn your ceremonial chalices with.

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Recommended Albums: September 2022

It’s much delayed, but I gotta hand it to September 2022. Some damn fine music arrived and solidly inserted itself into my Best Albums of 2022. By this point you’re probably already neck-deep in October jams, so here’s a rosy look back at some of the best September had to offer.

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Recommended Albums: August 2022

Getting later and later with these. Regardless, here’s what I loved from the month of August. From mostly-instrumental guitar freakouts, to revitalizing jazzy soul, to intriguing offerings from newcomers; August 2022 had a lot to offer.

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Listen: Dead Can Dance – “De Profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow)” [1985]


Sometimes on Warm Visions, I want to share brand new music. Sometimes I want to share an old track that you may not have heard of. Then sometimes I just want to post a vibe. The opening track from Dead Can Dance’s amazing 1985 album Spleen and Ideal is most certainly a vibe I want to share.

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Listen: Shabason & Krgovich – “I Am So Happy With My Little Dog” [2022]


Well there was no way I wasn’t going to be sharing THIS. (Joseph) Shabason and (Nicholas) Krgovich, along with Chris Harris, made one of my favorite albums of 2020, Philadelphia, and have continued on a wild hot streak of creative projects of their own since then, such as this year’s Fresh Pepper. Collectively, these projects have brought me a lot of peace, as well as humor and intrigue during a time when these things are at a deficit. Not to go into “we need distractions from the nightmare around us”, but it’s refreshing to have such earnest music right now. Well, Shabason & Krgovich are back with a new album, At Scaramouche, out October 7 via Idée Fixe Records (who, as a reminder, also put out Evan J Cartwright’s fantastic bit by bit this year, which you should check out as well). The new single + video have me EXCITED for this album.

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Listen: Can – “Halleluwah” [1971]


Not blowing any minds here, except for maybe those that haven’t listened to Can or Tago Mago before. To be fair, I hadn’t listened to Tago Mago since I was a senior in high school, and back then my brain was not ready for it. I don’t know exactly what recently brought me back to listen, but oh boy am I glad I did. Tago Mago is slowly becoming a top favorite “re-discovery” for 2022, a year where I’ve already listened to 100+ albums from the 80s. Tago has got me excited about my eventual pursuit into the 70s, and I’m not even halfway finished with my 80s list. Lordy.

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Listen: Tallies – “Catapult” [2022]


Yes, I’m alive. Trying to get back into the swing of posting music I like. In this case, this Tallies song “Catapult” is absolutely something I like.

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Recommended Albums: July 2022

This is way late, and I apologize that the blog has been so quiet lately. Need to get better at getting stuff up here. Anyways, I listened to a lot of albums from the last month, a lot of them pretty good. While putting in the tags for this post, I realized WAY more than half the artists I’ve mentioned in some fashion below are first-timers. Always spreading outward! Either way, lots of charming, lovely and enriching music to find from July, in case you missed it.

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Listen: Plains (Katie Crutchfield + Jess Williamson) – “Problem With It” [2022]


Today in completely unexpected super-duos, Katie Crutchfield (of Waxahatchee) and Jess Williamson have paired together as Plains, who have an album I Walked With You A Ways coming October 14 via ANTI. It’s interesting, because I saw that MJ Lenderman announced tour dates today with Plains and is playing big rooms. As much as I love Lenderman and think he should be playing as big of rooms as he wants, I didn’t think he was Webster Hall-level yet. This may explain that, especially since as of 10AM when those dates were announced, I had no idea who Plains were. Trust that time will illuminate all confusion.

Aside from the silly tour date posting, this is a great country rock tune, continuing Crutchfield’s deeper dive into the genre. Excited to hear Williamson on lead vocals on some later tracks as well, I hope. Check the song out below:

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The Best Albums, EPs + Songs of 2022 So Far

Here’s a comprehensive look of my favorite music of 2022 so far – there have been some heaters, that’s for sure. Scroll down for my Top 25 LPs (in my personal preferential order), as well as Top 4 EPs (ranked) + Top 40 songs (unranked). It’s a game of numbers here. I just completely look past the musical merit and assign numbers here at Warm Visions dot net. Just kidding, that’s not true. I’m listening to music during nearly every waking second of my adult life. Check it all out below and find a new favorite:

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