Warm Visions’ Favorite EPs of 2014

besteps2014I know some people would put EPs on a Top 50 Albums list, which I’m fine with, but I’m pretty okay with making another list entirely since I like making lists. Also because I think it’s unfair to judge full-length albums against a tiny project that may be incomplete, what have you. Here we go:

10. Diarrhea Planet – Aliens In The Outfield
9. Doss – S/T
8. Julianna Barwick – Rosabi
7. Institute – Salt
6. Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair
5. Girlpool – S/T
4. Movement – S/T
3. Allison Crutchfield – Lean Into It
2. Crying – Second Wind
1. Viet Cong – Cassette

Assorted Thoughts:

Viet Cong rules. I loved Women (RIP Chris Reimer) and this group really continues the tradition of their sound but varies it up enough to make them unique. The song “Structureless Design” is so fucking badass. The moment where the song just breaks and there’s a flurry of messy guitars and march-like bass… CHILLS EVERY TIME.

Crying actually reissued their Get Olde EP and released Second Wind with it. I considered it to be a double EP and I chose the new stuff to be in there. Fantastic chiptune. WOOO.

Still kicking myself I didn’t get to see Girlpool at CMJ. Especially after I’ve listened to their EP so many times. Watch for them to take over 2015.

The Julianna Barwick EP is actually something she made in conjunction with a Dogfish Head beer of the same name, which was brewed with rose and wasabi, thus giving it the name “Rosabi.” I’m an absolute sucker for Julianna Barwick AND Dogfish Head, so the addition was easy.

Very rock heavy on this list, with Diarrhea Planet, Institute, Speedy Ortiz, Girlpool & Viet Cong all being primarily guitar-based bands. Electronic got a good showing from Doss & Movement – two very different projects but both fall into the very large realm of “electronic.” Crying and Allison Crutchfield fall into the indie rock/pop punk/super small budget band category, if you can even make that a category. Then Julianna Barwick is alone again, but you can’t put her in a box so take that.

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