Recommended Albums: February 2022

Only five albums this month. Sure there was loads more music, high profile stuff at that, but nothing grabbed me the way these next five albums did. I listened to a few other things that were pretty good, like Sally Shaprio and Carmen Villain, but yeah – these are the jams. Take a look, y’all.

Big Thief – New Dragon Warm Mountain I Believe In You [4AD]
Hitchhiking in an empty box car with a motley crew of migrants as it travels across a country whose foliage is regrowing after apocalypse.

Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There [Ninja Tune]
A deep obsession builds within you over an AI avatar, housed in a server halfway across the world, and your friends try to bring you back to the real world.

caroline – caroline [Rough Trade]
Ancient suits of armor stand organized in formation atop a steep, ocean-facing cliff, catching fierce sunbeams through post-storm clouds as waves heartily crash below.

Kill Alters – Armed to the Teeth L.M.O.M.M. [Hausu Mountain]
A stuffed animal from childhood with a built-in voice chip is trying to kill you while it plays choppy recordings of your child self crying and screaming.

Raum – Daughter [Yellow Electric]
Scuba diving in your old neighborhood, now submerged under 100 feet of water.


  • Animal Collective – “Royal and Desire”
  • Animal Collective – “Strung With Everything”
  • Big Thief – “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You”
  • Big Thief – “Simulation Swarm”
  • Big Thief – “Spud Infinity”
  • Big Thief – “Time Escaping”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Basketball Shoes”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Good Will Hunting”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Haldern”
  • Black Country, New Road – “The Place Where He Inserted The Blade”
  • Caroline – “Dark blue”
  • Caroline – “Engine (eavesdropping)”
  • Caroline – “Good morning (red)”
  • Caroline – “Natural death”
  • Cate Le Bon – “Moderation”
  • Erika Eso – “Home Is A Glow”
  • Just Mustard – “Still”
  • Kill Alters – “Dissect Me”
  • Los Bitchos – “Pista (Fresh Start)”
  • Marissa Nadler – “Seabird”
  • Metronomy – “Love Factory”
  • Mitski – “Should’ve Been Me”
  • Pan American – “The North Line”
  • Sally Shapiro – “Million Ways”
  • Spoon – “Satellite”
  • yehno – “FWIW”

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