Recommended Albums: April 2022

Alright now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about. After a few quiet months, April gifted us with some truly great, memorable albums that I’ve been spending a ton of time with. One comfortably slid up into my Top 5 of the year (billy woods), some I’ve been binging heavily over the last week as I’ve written this (Evan J Cartwright, MJ Lenderman), and the rest have been steady favorites I’ve returned to time and time again when I don’t feel like thinking of something new to listen to. Lots of lovely stuff to usher in nicer weather. Thank goodness.

Alabaster dePlume – GOLD [International Anthem]
The universe quivers with excitement around you. Water eagerly flows around you. Earth arranges itself beneath your feet. Every inhale fuels your body with purpose.

billy woods – Aethiopes [Backwoodz Studioz]
An ancient slave ship is found buried underneath an Amazon shipping facility located just outside an urban sprawl.

Daniel Rossen – You Belong There [Warp]
Buying a bouquet of flowers and finding a small house nestled amongst the sunflowers and tulips.

Erica Eso – 192 [Hausu Mountain]
Telling someone a story at a party and you can’t stop talking, almost like your brain, or the story itself, is adding flowery embellishments on its own, becoming more fantastical, nuanced, unbelievable and endearing, until you’ve entranced the entire house with your tale.

Evan J Cartwright – bit by bit [Ideé Fixe]
Sitting in a community theater after a production, with the main hall doors open letting in a late summer afternoon’s flowery scent and the gentle sounds of the surrounding neighborhood.

Jack J – Opening the Door [Mood Hut]
Walking at a leisurely pace down a cozy but active path in a big city at dusk on a Friday, going to meet friends or on the way to a really good ice cream shop with a neon sign.

MJ Lenderman – Boat Songs [Dear Life]
Digging up old action figures from your childhood home’s backyard but they don’t look like how you remembered.

Night Palace – Diving Rings [Park the Van]
Buying a telescope and realizing the stars, satellites and rogue planets have been having parties above your house all this time while you slept.

Real Lies – Lad Ash [UNREAL]
Watching raindrops smear across a see-through dome while you slowly drive in circles in a busy London club corridor, the music from the clubs leaking through your windows.

Tess Roby – Ideas of Space [SSUROUNDSS]
Staring up at the night sky and watching dark clouds slowly pass between yourself and the moon, along with a slight, mirrored object you catch yourself smiling in when the light is right.


I got a spotify playlist up too. Sorry about that! Check it here.

  • billy woods – “Heavy Water (feat. Breeze Brewin & El-P)”
  • billy woods – “No Hard Feelings”
  • billy woods – “Sauvage (feat. Boldy James & Gabe Nandez)”
  • billy woods – “Smith + Cross”
  • Blunt Chunks – “BWFW”
  • Daniel Rossen – “I’ll Wait For Your Visit”
  • Daniel Rossen – “Shadow In The Frame”
  • Erica Eso – “Acclaimed Evacuation (Part 2)”
  • Erica Eso – “Home Is A Glow”
  • Evan J Cartwright – “bit by bit”
  • Evan J Cartwright – “impossibly blue”
  • Evan J Cartwright – “walk u through it (feat. Ambroise & Lune Trés Belle)”
  • Fontaines D.C. – “Jackie Down The Line”
  • Hatchie – “The Key”
  • Hatchie – “Quicksand”
  • Jack J – “Clues [Part II]”
  • Jack J – “If You Don’t Know Why”
  • Jack J – “The Only Way”
  • Jane Inc – “2120”
  • Jerry Paper – “Duumb”
  • Kelly Lee Owens – “One”
  • MJ Lenderman – “Toontown”
  • MJ Lenderman – “Six Flags”
  • MJ Lenderman – “You Are Every Girl To Me”
  • My Idea – “I Should Have Never Generated You”
  • Night Palace – “Into the Wake, Mystified”
  • Night Palace – “Nightshade”
  • Pierre Kwenders – “Papa Wemba”
  • Primer – “Feel The Way I Do”
  • The Range – “Urethane”
  • Real Lies – “Boss Trick”
  • Real Lies – “Dream On”
  • Renata Zeiguer – “Evergreen”
  • SAULT – “June 55”
  • SAULT – “Time Is Precious”
  • Tess Roby – “Ideas of Space”
  • Tess Roby – “Path”
  • Tess Roby – “Up 2 Me”
  • Toro y Moi – “Clarity”
  • Whatever The Weather – “36ºC”

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