Recommended Albums: September 2020

It feels like actual ages since I was talking about albums of August on this here blog. In reality it was only a little over a month ago. In 2020, that tracks. September lurched by at an uneven pace, and now we’re halfway through October, the best month. September though treated us (me, ok, us) to some lovely surprises. Really only one of the records here I was excited for ahead of the fact. Others were surprise releases (BUMPER, SAULT) or records that I didn’t have expectations towards going and blew me away.

We’re all over the map style-wise this week, from organ music, to pummeling metal + noise, to breezy meditative sophistipop, to… satisfying indie rock. Hell yeah folks. This post is dedicated to the late Danny, who the world lost in August. Shout out to Danny.

Anna Von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly [Southern Lord]
Standing on a towering cliff above the ocean and letting the wind whip around you as the waves rip at the rocks below.

BUMPER – Pop Songs 2020 [Self-Released]
Riding a skateboard down a city hill and snagging a bouquet of flowers out of a friend’s hand before hitting a sick jump & blowing a kiss to your mom through your kitchen window.

Deradoorian – Find The Sun [Anti-]
Entering the sacred temple and releasing yourself from your tumultuous earthly desires to accept a life of transcendence.

Khotin – Finds You Well [Ghostly]
Hearing your own adult voice come on the answering machine while watching old childhood road trip movies.

Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – Renegade Breakdown [Ninja Tune]
A retiring matriarch of a local theater troupe puts on one last grand production acting not only as a dramatic autobiography, but a scheme to fake her own death.

Nana Adjoa – Big Dreaming Ants [Bloomer]
Traveling across a futuristic prairie-covered continent via hover cycle, from one city capital to another, to deliver an important antidote for an ailing resistance leader, encountering friends and foes along the way.

SAULT – Untitled (Rise) [Forever Living Originals]
Standing a bit taller after passing some young kids talking about how bright the future will be.

Shabason, Krgovich & Harris – Philadelphia [Ideé Fixe]
Keeping a weekly journal of cloud formations and nice texts you send to and receive from friends.

Uniform – Shame [Sacred Bones]
A massive sculpture of yourself falls from the sky and crushes you into the center of the Earth.

Yves Jarvis – Sundry Rock Song Stock [Anti-]
Digging up a glowing orb amongst a thicket of beach pines, hands wet and sandy become chilly in a slight late fall breeze.

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