Recommended Albums: June 2020

In June’s edition of Recommended Albums, we’re featuring a multiple releases that were incredibly well-timed for this moment. SAULT, Space Afrika and Armand Hammer all confront and synthesize the waves of unrest and pain the country, specifically Black folk, are and have been feeling for hundreds of years. Westerman and Bibio provide a balm of sorts to heal a weary heart, and everything else offers great entertainment. It was hard to pick just 10 records this month. Extra shout out to projects from Gum Country, Skee Mask and Quin Kirchner.

Also wanted to shout out the image I made for this month, the last picture I took out of my Brooklyn apartment window before I moved. I wrote the majority of these Recommended Albums posts from this room and have absolutely featured the view out of it in header images before. One last psychedelic hoorah for Himrod Street. Thanks for reading.

Armand Hammer – Shrines [Backwoodz Studios]
Digital distortion-covered footage of a forced smile, broadcasted on a LCD TV hanging loosely over a borough street.

Bibio – Sleep On The Wing [Warp]
Finding super 8 film footage of your older relatives as their younger selves at outdoor summer parties and gatherings, basking in the innocence of the time.

Hum – Inlet [Earth Analog]
A massive temple rising out of the sand on a distant planet not dissimilar to our own.

Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure? [PMR / Virgin EMI]
A roller rink disco fantasy of your dreams, sweat cooled by a swiveling fan each circuit.

Jockstrap – Wicked City [Warp]
Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz attempts to return home but accidentally warps herself to a post-apocalyptic future and is celebrated by a cult of Wizard of Oz film fanatics.

Kate NV – Room For The Moon [RVNG Intl.]
Innocuously tuning into a late night public access one-person theatre production complete with puppets, costume changes, magic tricks, a planetarium backdrop, velvet curtains and in-camera editing.

Pottery – Welcome To Bobby’s Motel [Partisan]
Couch surfing on a wave of trash on the hottest night of the year down a busy city avenue.

SAULT – UNTITLED (Black Is) [Forever Living Originals]
An unending, unyielding, unbreakable, unstoppable, inspirational, beautiful, foundational force that pushes gloriously forward against madness and injustice.

Space Afrika – hybtwibt? [Self-Released]
Synthesizing repressed and difficult memories with everyday ambient noise into a dreamlike tapestry, warping and distorting around you depending on your mood.

Westerman – Your Hero Is Not Dead [Partisan]
Swimming down a river at sunrise scented with pleasing, balmy fragrances.


  • Arca – “Watch (feat. Shygirl)”
  • Armand Hammer – “Frida (feat. Quelle Chris & FIELDED)”
  • Armand Hammer – “Pommelhorse (feat. Curly Castro)”
  • Bibio – “Oakmoss”
  • Braids – “Young Buck”
  • Country Westerns – “It’s Not Easy”
  • Daniel Avery – “Darlinnn”
  • Fontaines D.C. – “Televised Mind”
  • Gum Country – “Brain Song”
  • Gum Country – “Tennis (I Feel Okay)”
  • Hum – “The Summoning”
  • Hum – “Waves”
  • Jessie Ware – “Adore You”
  • Jessie Ware – “Read My Lips”
  • Jessie Ware – “Soul Control”
  • Jockstrap – “Acid”
  • Jockstrap – “City Hell”
  • Jockstrap – “Robert (feat. Injury Reserve)”
  • Jonah Yano – “delicate”
  • Julianna Barwick – “In Light (feat. Jonsí)”
  • Kate NV – “Ça Commence Par”
  • Kate NV – “Sayonara (Full Moon Version)
  • Noname – “Song 33”
  • 박혜진 Park Hye Jin – “Like this”
  • Pottery – “Bobby’s Forecast”
  • Pottery – “Hot Heater”
  • Pottery – “Texas Drums Pt. I & II”
  • Quin Kirchner – “Jupiter Moon”
  • Run The Jewels – “out of sight (feat. 2 Chainz)”
  • SAULT – “Eternal Life”
  • SAULT – “Sorry Ain’t Enough”
  • SAULT – “Why We Cry Why We Die”
  • SAULT – “Wildfires”
  • Skee Mask – “Zzodiac”
  • Space Afrika – “oh baby”
  • Terrace Martin – “Pig Feet (feat. Kamasi Washington, G Perico, Daylyt & Denzel Curry)”
  • Westerman – “Confirmation (SSBD)”
  • Westerman – “Easy Money”
  • Westerman – “The Line”

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