Recommended Albums: May 2022

If you’re reading this later on, know that this post came in late, LATE June. It is way overdue. I’m not really sure what happened over the last two months. Even looking at my listening history, it just seems like a void. I got sick with a non-covid illness early on, and was really taken by that, along with planning for my first big trip since 2019. I dunno. Maybe it’s the world. Can’t be listening to new stuff all the time. Either way, here it is. Thanks to all the artists featured here.

Blunt Chunks – Blunt Chunks EP [Telephone Explosion]
An open window next to a comfortable couch with its own gravitational pull allows for objects and passerby to float inside and orbit around you, transfixed in your most basic pleasures.

Cool Maritime – Big Earth Energy [Western Vinyl]
Intense humidity causes small plants to start sprouting out of every corner of your apartment while you sleep, and upon awakening you see fauna flooding out of the windows of neighbors.

Dehd – Blue Skies [Fat Possum]
A cool cowboy-loving character in your hometown that loves the open sky and isn’t an old creep.

Diatom Deli – Time~Lapse Nature [RVNG Intl.]
A meteor shower backlights clouds of bats flying overhead, feasting on mosquitoes, causing your view of the spectacle to undulate in darkness.

JOYFULTALK – Familiar Science [Constellation]
The odyssey of a person who’s just eaten an extremely spicy pepper and must run around town trying to find things to cool their mouth down, all while nearly hallucinating due to overwhelming scovilles. 

Just Mustard – Heart Under [Partisan]
A swift breeze that aches and bruises, a massive beam of light evaporating all moisture in its gaze.

Maria Chiara Argirò – Forest City [Innovative Leisure]
Mashed up and discordant radio signals shimmy through the air via movement in lichen on rocks and ancient stumps, deep in forgotten woods.

They Hate Change – Finally, New [Jagjaguwar]
Watching skate videos on a gameboy color screen modded into an MPC.

700 Bliss – Nothing To Declare [Hyperdub]
A glitched hologram journal found in the rubble of a remote outpost along a decommissioned railroad.


  • Blunt Chunks – “BWFW”
  • Blunt Chunks – “Natural Actors”
  • Blunt Chunks – “Part of Me”
  • Brandon Coleman – “Be With Me”
  • Cool Maritime – “Secret of the Megafauna”
  • Cool Maritime – “Temporal Dryft”
  • Dehd – “Bad Love”
  • Dehd – “Dream On”
  • Dehd – “Window”
  • Diatom Deli – “False Alarm”
  • Flanger Magazine – “Fantasy for Window Mountain Moon”
  • The Frightnrs – “You, Still”
  • HAAi – “Baby We’re Ascending (feat. Jon Hopkins)”
  • Jo Schornikow – “Wrong”
  • JOYFULTALK – “Ballad In 9”
  • JOYFULTALK – “Body Stone”
  • JOYFULTALK – “Take It To The Grave”
  • Just Mustard – “In Shade”
  • Just Mustard – “Seed”
  • Just Mustard – “Still”
  • Kikagaku Moyo – “Cardboard Pile”
  • Maria Chiara Argirò – “Clouds”
  • Maria Chiara Argirò – “Skyr”
  • Marina Herlop – “miu”
  • N Kramer – “Closing”
  • Nu Genea – “Gelbi (feat. Marzouk Mejri)”
  • Obongjayar – “Wrong For It (feat. Nubya Garcia)”
  • PVA – “Untethered”
  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “My Echo”
  • Say Sue Me – “To Dream”
  • Sharon Van Etten – “Come Back”
  • The Smile – “Open the Floodgates”
  • The Smile – “Pana-vision”
  • They Hate Change – “Blatant Localism”
  • They Hate Change – “Some Days I Hate My Voice”
  • TOPS – “Perfected Steps”
  • Warpaint – “Stevie”
  • 700 Bliss – “Totally Spies (feat. Lafawndah)”

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