Recommended Albums: January 2020

The first edition of Recommended Albums of 2020 is a good one. SO many good records already this year. Long awaited new ones from Destroyer and Frances Quinlan graced us, plus newcomers (to me) like Andras and Ulla made some lovely electronic landscapes to fawn over. Many different things to like about this month’s music. Plus, February is already off to a great start, so get ready for that.

Andras – Joyful [Beats In Space]
Zooming out on a busy city intersection and making all the people look like ants.

Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline [Anti-]
Finishing your third beer of the night while you’re out with friends and finding a frowney face drawn on a sticky note at the bottom of the glass.

Bonny Light Horseman – Bonny Light Horseman [37d03d]
A pleasant breeze moves through the plains and ripples across the surface of a calm river.

Destroyer – Have We Met [Merge Records]
A person falls in love with a marble statue and wheels it around with them to the park, movies, and museums.

En Attendant Ana – Juillet [Trouble In Mind]
Becoming so dizzy from being trapped in a revolving door that you pass out and dream of the beach.

Frances Quinlan – Likewise [Saddle Creek]
A giant painting leaks associated words into the walls and floors that surrounds it.

The Innocence Mission – See You Tomorrow [Bella Union]
Letting go of a balloon atop a high hill and watching it ascend with the wind.

Loving – If I Am Only My Thoughts [Last Gang]
Watching wavering heat lines in patches of sunlight shining through windows on an especially cold day.

Nicolas Godin – Concrete and Glass [Because Music]
Wandering around a retro-futurist cocktail lounge in a sunken space station.

Ulla – Tumbling Towards A Wall [Experiences Ltd.]
Observing lethargic marine life interact underneath a thick sheet of ice.


Listen to all these songs on my Best of 2020 Spotify playlist!

  • Andras – “Honeybird”
  • Andras – “Live Forever”
  • Andy Shauf – “Try Again”
  • Bonny Light Horseman – “Magpie’s Nest”
  • Braids – “Young Buck”
  • Caroline Rose – “Feel The Way I Want”
  • Destroyer – “Cue Synthesizer”
  • Destroyer – “It Just Doesn’t Happen”
  • Destroyer – “University Hill”
  • En Attendant Ana – “Somewhere And Somehow”
  • Four Tet – “Baby”
  • Frances Quinlan – “Rare Thing”
  • Frances Quinlan – “Your Reply”
  • Georgia – “24 Hours”
  • J Hus – “Repeat (feat. Koffee)”
  • Loving – “Nihilist Kite Flyer”
  • Loving – “Only She Knows”
  • Loving – “Write A River”
  • Nicolas Godin – “Back To Your Heart (feat. Kate NV)”
  • Rosalía – “Juro Que”
  • Thundercat – “Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington)”
  • TORRES – “Good Grief”
  • Westerman – “Blue Comanche”

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