2017 Retrospective

This is the final funeral pyre to exorcise all the bad spirits and lost souls of my 2017. What you’ll find below are 100 songs that defined my year, my listening stats, and a catalog of all the other media I consumed throughout the year. The 100 songs aren’t all from 2017, but most of them are. They’re songs that will make me think about certain events that happened in 2017 when I listen to them in the future. I compiled the list as the year progressed, so I think it’s a pretty accurate depiction of what it looked like for me.

You can listen to (most of) these songs at this convenient Spotify playlist.

I’ve done these for the past three years: 2016, 2015 & 2014.


  1. Frankie Cosmos – “Embody”
    This was the song that my partner and I listened to at midnight to ring in 2017. I thought it was a good fit. Did I embody all the grace and lightness in 2017? I think I got close near the end, I think. Love ya!
  2. Ishino Takkyu – “In Yer Memory”
    This song is featured in the credits and trailer for the anime compilation film Memories, the first movie I watched in 2017. Its first segment, Magnetic Rose, stuck with me all year, so I repeatedly watched the trailer to get little bursts of its action instead of re-watching the movie over and over. It’s that good. If you want another record that wraps up the majesty of Magnetic Rose, Jacaszek’s KWIATY from this year will also do the trick.
  3. Chick Corea and Return To Forever – “You’re Everything”
    Shout out to Floating Points. This song is so lovely.
  4. scntfc – “Epiphany Fields”
    The first game I played in 2017 was the Oxenfree, a great atmospheric indie title with an equally-as-good, if-not-better soundtrack. A bit of 80s nostalgia, liberally dipped in some futuristic touches. Listened to this soundtrack, especially this song, consistently throughout the year.
  5. Julie Byrne – “I Live Now As A Singer”
    Walking around my neighborhood at night during a light snow to this song was bliss.
  6. Major Lazer – “Get Free (ft. Amber Coffman)”
    Unexpectedly saw Amber Coffman perform this song at the Women’s March in DC. My partner and I love the song and we were together for the march, so it was a really pleasant surprise.
  7. Björk – “All Neon Like”
    It’s no secret that Björk is one of my top 5 artists of all time, but sometimes a certain song I’ve never had a moment with before quickly becomes one that I obsess over. See: “All Neon Like.” The electronics on it are so sublime and reminds me of what Arca’s doing right now. I specifically remember listening to this over and over on the way back from the Women’s March.
  8. Neil Cicierega – “The End”
    Yeah this is The Doobie Brothers’ “What A Fool Believes” mashed up with Linkin Park’s “In The End.” Am I ashamed that I like it as much as I do? Nah.
  9. Migos – “Slippery (ft. Gucci Mane)”
    Splash. Drip. Drip. Splash. Funny enough, I listened to this while walking to and in protests a lot early this year. I listened to it doing most things, actually. There’s definitely a correlation between the amount of times I listened to this album and the amount of push-ups I did.
  10. Grouper – “Water People”
    Put online for the first time for charity. I love Grouper so much.
  11. death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – “내 마음은 떨고”
    If you’re ever looking for an album that’s completely bonkers crazy, look up death’s dynamic shroud.wmv’s I’ll Try Living Like This. It’s on the fringe of vaporwave that bridges into some other freaky, undefinable subgenres that could only exist in this decade. A blazing fast mashup of weird trance, world music, abstract noise, etc. A trip.
  12. Opaline – “Multiple Origins”
    I sat on the beach in February and listened to this song, trying to find peace.
  13. Colleen – “Goodbye Sunshine”
    Colleen’s 2003 album Everyone Alive Wants Answers is one of the most unique, haunting, euphoric listens you’ll likely ever experience. This song makes me feel like I’m in the flashback scene from Akira where the ground is collapsing.
  14. Dntel – “Connections”
    If a portion of 2016 was built on Dntel’s Life Is Full Of Possibilities, then the entirety 2017 was built off Dntel’s Human Voice, especially the last three songs. “Connections” was an anchor song for me in 2017 – I was constantly returning to it. Something about its quirkiness strikes something deep within me, centering me in a way. It’s simple enough that it evokes feelings of something like Tycho, or instrumental music like that, but doesn’t come with the unnecessary dramatics. I can’t think about anything but this song while I’m listening to it, so it drowns out anything negative that might be clouding my judgement. Of course it’s not a cure-all solution, but it’s a brilliant tune.
  15. Pile – “Baby Boy”
    Revisiting Dripping was a real good idea. What a great opening song.
  16. Hand Habits – “Book On How To Change”
    This record is so so so good. At this point in the year (March) it was my AOTY. [UPDATE: didn’t fall much! Only to #3. Still an unreal level of beauty here].
  17. Joni Mitchell – “Black Crow”
    One day when it snowed I listened to a lot of Joni Mitchell and didn’t do much else.
  18. ESG – “Sailin’ Da South”
    I finally started listening to DJ Screw in 2017. Shout out to the good folks from Texas.
  19. Hurray For The Riff Raff – “Living For The City”
    As of April 2017, this was the only album of 2017 that everyone in my office liked. [UPDATE: People there liked the Alex G and Kendrick records too]
  20. GERMANS – “Cruel”
    Opened for The Radio Dept. Live it was just ok, but it enticed me enough to listen to this vastly superior studio version. Really looking for some new material from them.
  21. Kevin Krauter – “Fantasy Theme”
    For when I’m lost in my own head & I need a cloud to lay on.
  22. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Julie’s Place”
    I don’t know why I like this band so much but damn this is such a good, summery song. Got me to thaw out a bit from the balmy winter. I say that literally – I dug my car out of a snow mound in CT with this song blaring on the speakers.
  23. Yves Tumor – “Limerence”
    One of the most emotionally striking pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. So simple, yet so effective. The whole Mono No Aware album is brilliant, but this is a gorgeous standout. Add this to your playlist of “solitary night in the city or elsewhere.”
  24. Björk – “Venus As A Boy”
    Here we see more Björk affecting my year. This time it was a stretch of a few days where nothing except for “Venus As A Boy” sounded good to me. No other music felt right. There was only “Venus As A Boy” in my universe. And really, can you blame me?
  25. Sonic Youth – “Expressway To Yr Skull”
  26. Sonic Youth – “(I Got A) Catholic Block”
    I read Kim Gordon’s Girl In A Band this year and I really enjoyed it. I got me to appreciate NYC a lot more, however reading about the punk birthplaces from the 80s that have now been turned into Duane Reades and Starbucks is a bit depressing. Nevertheless, I loved reading about her creative process behind certain Sonic Youth songs & records and her progression through that entire period. Evol has always been my favorite record of theirs, but Sister is a very, very close second.
  27. Shabazz Palaces – “Are You… Can You… Were You? (Felt)”
    Sometimes ya just gotta go back to those old (like 6 years old) classics.
  28. Broadcast – “You And Me In Time”
    You and me in time
    You and me in time[Verse 1]
    The river flows down
    The flower grows up
    The snow makes no sound
    On the mountain top[Chorus][Verse 2]
    We’re saying goodbye
    We’re waving our hands
    The waves and the tide
    Move the grains of sand[Chorus (Variation)]
    You and me in time
  29. Dinosaur Jr. – “Little Fury Things”
    One thing Girl In A Band got me to do was revisit some bands from the same time periods Sonic Youth thrived in, Dinosaur Jr. being one of them. It reminded me that You’re Living All Over Me is a perfect record and that the opener “Little Fury Things” is a blueprint that too many NYC rock bands use. But that’s ok. This is a good song. A real good song.
  30. Sleater-Kinney – “Words and Guitar”
    I went to Carrie Brownstein’s book after Kim Gordon’s book to stay on theme. I think I enjoyed Gordon’s more as a whole since I’m more of a Sonic Youth fan than a Sleater-Kinney fan, but Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl was an amazing reading experience as well. Again, upped my appreciation for Sleater-Kinney, especially Dig Me Out, a perfect album. Corin Tucker’s voice is like a can opener on this track.
  31. New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle”
    Seeing this song performed live surrounded by awkwardly dancing old people was a moment I’ll never forget. There I had the realization that the more point & shoot cameras there are in the audience, the higher the median age is.
  32. Kendrick Lamar – “DNA.”
    My first listen of DAMN. was pretty revolutionary. I had to brace myself while listening to “DNA.” for the first time.
  33. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Magneto”
    Continuing the string of songs I enjoyed this year that were pulled from other media, I gained a whole new level of appreciation for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 2016 album Skeleton Tree after watching One More Time With Feeling, the documentary about the making of Skeleton Tree. It’s devastating, but watching him play the songs on here was both inspiring and heartbreaking. One of the best music docs I’ve ever watched. I’d watch it over and over if it wasn’t a such a gut punch. I can’t recommend it enough, even to folks who aren’t familiar with his music, but especially those who are.
  34. Colin Stetson – “Spindrift”
    I feel so privileged to have seen Stetson twice in 2017, once solo and once with his metal band Ex Eye. It’s impossible to not bask in the awesomeness of his work. True skill that utilizes so much body and mind power and is still deeply engaging and interesting to listen to.
  35. Aldous Harding – “Living The Classics”
    The first time I heard this back in October 2016, I knew that it would be a massive favorite of mine. The delivery of the lines “Can’t fight the feeling / gonna make it / I won’t stop turning / til I’m twisted / Come find me / drag me back to hell / Living The Classics” is just so biting and carries some kind of fiery, manic passion. Also having seen her three times already, I can picture her face singing it. Also the line “drag me back to hell” is just so good in this context of wanting to pursue art and make a living off of it. She’s tempting someone to try and stop her and drag her back to a hell where her work is undone. I honestly had a moment with every song on this dang record, but for space concerns, I’ll just slide this one in.
  36. Ata Kak – “Obaa Sima”
    Ultra grooves from Ghana.
  37. Playboi Carti – “Magnolia”
    Song of the summer, probably song of the year. Iconic.
  38. Weed – “Leash”
    Unreal riffage on this track. It may have single-handedly broken me out of a deep, two-to-three-year-long depression. Music-wise, of course. There were other factors that helped me get out as well. But I think this song had a big part.
  39. Chino Amobi – “Paradiso”
    A colossus of a track. There’s no way this wouldn’t impact my 2017 in some way. There were multiple times when I would be listening to this on the subway and fool myself it was basically the end times above ground, only to realize it’s a beautiful & sunny spring day instead. It morphs my reality every time I listen.
  40. Pond – “Paint Me Silver”
    Silly, goofy, off the wall, outrageous, catchy, fun, bonkers, earworm. I had a moment on one of the first nice days this year where I went to Washington Square Park, read a book, listened to this album, and watched a student jazz band perform. Talk about overwhelmingly pleasant.
  41. Hundred Waters – “Currency”
    Such a gorgeous song from one of my all-time favorite bands.
  42. Kirin J Callinan – “S. A. D.”
    Best chorus of 2017? Big tune.
  43. (Sandy) Alex G – “Bobby”
    Give me all the fiddle you have, Sandy. Just give it to me.
  44. Yaeji – “Passionfruit”
    In headphones, this song is great to get lost in. It’s ultra repetitive and hypnotizing in a way that lets the individual listener explore. Not the best for office setting though.
  45. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut To The Feeling”
    Big pop perfection.
  46. Danny L Harle – “1UL”
    BIG BANGER. Perhaps the biggest banger? It makes me feel an intense euphoria that not many songs can awaken within me.
  47. Rudy Norman – “Back To The Streets”
    A track on the Numero Group yacht rock compilation. It makes me feel cool and summery, but also cheesy enough to keep me grounded. You gotta stay grounded.
  48. The Books – “That Right Ain’t Shit”
    Got into The Lemon Of Pink at the starting crest of summer – late May, early June. A super lovely album for that time period. Also a lovely album overall. I remember walking from Soho up to the Flatiron area after work while listening to this record, watching the bars open up their outdoor seating areas and seeing folks finally enjoy the warmer weather as the sun was setting. That gets a nice yeehaw from me, partner.
  49. NV – “Binasu”
    Had the privilege of seeing Russian musician (Kate) NV three times in 2017: opening for Jessy Lanza, opening for Ricky Eat Acid and with artists like death’s dynamic shroud, Giant Claw and Foodman at the Orange Milk showcase. What a fun human being and performer. This song is a bundle of fun.
  50. Giant Claw – “DARK WEB 002”
    Listening to Giant Claw’s DARK WEB at a completely underground Target in Tribeca was surreal to say the least.
  51. Sneaks – “Look Like That”
    If Sneaks is playing a show near you, clear your calendar and go see them. No excuses.
  52. Laurel Halo – “Moontalk”
    Like a traffic jam of signals being blasted in from alternate dimensions.
  53. Vince Staples – “745”
    Love the modern spin on the g-funk sound of this track. This also made me feel cool.
  54. Kanye West – “I’m In It”
    This summer I had a startling realization that Yeezus might be my favorite Kanye album. Not only do I keep naturally revisiting it more than his other records, I think The Life Of Pablo helped me realize how much I prefer it over everything else. It’s just so different, so interesting. The beats on Yeezus are superior, plus the lyrics on TLOP are somehow worse, so those are some obvious steps up. Still working on this decision. But I think it’s Yeezus. Or Fantasy. Who knows? Oh and I was listening to Yeezus in this occasion because I was very upset at the worst people I’ve ever met in my entire life. If you’re in the know, you know who I’m talking about.
  55. Boat Club – “Always Away”
    Shout out to Leslie. Scandinavian balearic music for life. A perfect summer album. The sound of water shimmering. Like you know tumblr photos of high-res pics of swimming pools with cool lighting? Yeah that’s what this sounds like.
  56. Yaeji – “Guap”
    I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to a song that’s made me feel cooler than this one. This song will make you feel like the coolest person that has ever lived, I guarantee it.
  57. El Guincho – “Palmitos Park”
  58. El Guincho – “Antillas”
    I saw El Guincho in mid-July and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. A celebration of life and music. Everyone was dancing and I forgot about the world.
  59. Beach House – “Days Of Candy”
    Got back into Depression Cherry this year and started appreciating its back half more. Definitely the best Beach House record for summer.
  60. Mariya Takeuchi – “Plastic Love”
    Thank you YouTube sidebar recommendations. This tune will always carry the feeling of a fresh start for me. A renewed sense of life in the big city.
  61. Ross From Friends – “Crimson”
    A bright, shining star from a boring, bone-dry summer.
  62. Kelela – “LMK”
    Definitely watched this music video over 20 times in the first two weeks it was out.
  63. Liars – “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant”
    Got to go to a secret Liars show at a ~100 capacity venue and it was quite the first time to see this staple group. BIG shout out to Caroline.
  64. Alvvays – “Atop A Cake”
    Getting excited for Antisocialites. Pretty sure this is my fav Alvvays song. Pretty sure.
  65. Taeko Ohnuki – “何もいらない / I Do Not Need Anything”
    The guitar solo in this track reminds me of the smooth jazz my dad likes to listen to.
  66. Burial – “Street Halo”
    In terms of consistent quality, I’d say Burial’s Street Halo EP is his best work, which may be blasphemy, but I stand by it. All three songs are among his best ever and transport me to places more vivid than much of his other material, even Untrue.
  67. Smerz – “Because”
    Any song that reminds me of Tirzah gets a big seal of approval from me. Can’t wait for their debut LP, hopefully coming in 2018. Will also make you feel cool while listening.
  68. Cocteau Twins – “Fifty-Fifty Clown”
    Big Cocteau Twins phase in early/mid August. First time really diving into Blue Bell Knoll, and yeah, it’s amazing. Heaven Or Las Vegas was a main crutch on my phone and “Fifty-Fifty Clown” became a big standout favorite for me. Previously was just gravitating around “Cherry-Coloured Funk,” “Heaven Or Las Vegas” and “Fotzepolitic.” This band is so great, I bought a shirt with their name on it around this time.
  69. Hundred Waters – “Wave To Anchor”
    One of the best Hundred Waters songs EVER. It throws my body into fits. It’s like getting hit by a giant wave, being pushed around in the throes of nature.
  70. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Connie”
    Seeing Good Time was a major highlight of 2017. Saying “good shit” to Robert Pattinson in person after I saw the movie was also a major highlight and also one of the most NYC things that has happened to me thus far.
  71. Nosaj Thing – “Sister”
    This whole record is amazing to listen to at night in the city, but this song in particular was great for subway travel. I also listened to Parallels for the first time immediately after seeing Good Time, so I continued to float in the dark, pulsating world the movie created while walking through the city. In 2015 Nosaj’s labelmate Gossamer put out a record I love and this song reminds me of that. No one else really paid attention to Gossamer – I hope he’s still around.
  72. Washed Out – “Burn Out Blues”
    I loved seeing Washed Out on this album tour. His stage setup was simple but really effective and he blended a ton of new songs with a bunch of REALLY old ones – like pre “Feel It All Around” old. Gotta love that. Looked like he was having fun out there too.
  73. Michael Shrieve & Steve Roach – “Theme For The Far Away”
    Shout out to Ambient Church & Brian Sweeny. New age, babyyyy.
  74. Nami Shimada & Soichi Terada – “Sunshower”
    This is just heat. Pure flames. Shout out to Yibing. Shout out to Ape Escape.
  75. Zola Jesus – “Remains”
    One of those songs that makes me throw my head back and go “guhhhh” whenever I unexpectedly hear it in public, which was mostly just my office.
  76. Beck – “Dear Life”
    Another great music video. Beck’s art team is on one. Also just love this song. When I’m writing this little blurb, the album has not come out yet. Let’s hope I like the whole record. (Update – I DIDN’T LIKE THE WHOLE RECORD)
  77. Alvvays – “Saved By A Waif”
    So. Much. Fun. It sounds like the band had so much fun making this album. This song is such a lovely surprise to be late in the album. I have the distinct memory of driving up to my friend’s beach house on the cape late at night listening to this song over and over. Then on the next day driving to my partner’s house and listening to it all over again.
  78. Townes Van Zandt – “Pancho & Lefty”
    Riding a super-early shoreline train & listening to Townes Van Zandt was a pretty enlightening experience. Shout out to Kate and all her country music faves.
  79. Mount Eerie – “The Mouth Of Sky”
    Top-tier drums on this track. Had a big spree on Wind’s Poem and broke 1,000+ plays for Mount Eerie on my last.fm.
  80. Jessica Pratt – “Mother Big River”
    I am a massive fan of Pratt’s 2015 album On Your Own Love Again, but her 2012 self-titled record has some moments of magic like this.
  81. Four Tet – “Two Thousand And Seventeen”
    Established a mountain of hype for the Four Tet record. This song is a big one. It only delivered on some of the hype. Bogged down with too many interlude / filler tracks. This is still a big tune!
  82. Gauntlet Hair – “Mop It Up”
    Gauntlet Hair’s 2011 album is wild and makes me wish more bands were making music like this in 2017. If they are, please point me in their direction.
  83. Destroyer – “Sky’s Grey”
    One of Destroyer’s best songs. Stabs into that special, euphoric Destroyer atmosphere that no other band can even come close to. Mr Twin Sister approaches sometimes, but that’s apart from the point. This song makes me sweat like a pig wrapped in banana leaves. It gets me all hot and bothered, but comfy and ready to die at the same time.
  84. The Replacements – “The Ledge”
    Started listening to Pleased To Meet Me more in fourth quarter 2017. Still  good. You may remember I had a massive Placemats phase around this time last year as well.
  85. Mission Of Burma – “Academy Fight Song”
    How did I go through my life not hearing this song until this point? Massive. Thanks Our Band Could Be Your Life.
  86. Nai Palm – “Crossfire / So Into You”
    One of the best shows I’ve seen this year, probably ever. And it was just Nai and her guitar. Better than most full bands I’ve seen.
  87. Vashti Bunyan – “Diamond Day”
    Listening to Vashti with my partner in the fall – wow, I recommend it.
  88. Colleen – “A flame my love, a frequency”
    Incredibly meditative and melancholy but with shards of optimism lodged within.
  89. Circuit Des Yeux – “Black Fly”
    I’d like to be bundled up in a thick quilt and then thrown into a bonfire to this song.
  90. Fever Ray – “To The Moon And Back”
    When I was told that not only Fever Ray was returning but I’d get to work on promoting the record… one could say that I was… to the moon and back 😉
  91. Yaeji – “Raingurl”
    God damn, Yaeji – three songs with special 2017 moments? Have a year.
  92. SASSY 009 – “Feel me”
    I say with confidence that SASSY 009 was my favorite new group to come out of 2017.
  93. Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Seagull For Chuck Berry”
    Righteous jams, bro.
  94. Hiroshi Yoshimura – “Blink”
    Had a moment with this song while working in a cavern-like space in Chicago.
  95. Björk – “Arisen My Senses”
    Almost brought me to tears the first time I listened, which happened to be while I was walking to work from the subway.
  96. Matthew Dear – “You Put A Smell On Me”
    Seeing Matthew Dear live for the first time was a big burst of Ann Arbor pride. I also saw it in a very fancy location, which is always a big plus, despite the fact I was surrounded by industry folk. Shout out to Dan for being there.
  97. The Blue Nile – “Headlights On The Parade”
    Shout out to Nick & NYC city lights.
  98. Yo La Tengo – “Today Is The Day”
    Started listening to Summer Sun, Fakebook, Electr-O-Pura & I Am Not Afraid Of You before I saw Yo La Tengo for the first time, which was for one of their eight Hanukkah shows. I knew this beforehand, but what a super solid band. This was only backed up by seeing them live. They played this (amazing) and my all-time fav YLT song (“We’re An American Band”). Can you believe it? I freaked out.
  99. Charli XCX – “Out Of My Head (ft. Tove Lo & ALMA)”
    This is more just a place for the entirety of Pop 2, since it defined my December.
  100. Julianna Barwick – “Keep Up The Good Work”
    My partner drove me home after I got my wisdom teeth removed (my first ever surgery) and in my anesthetic daze I cried, laughed, told her I loved her a lot, told her to tell me if I’m being annoying and asked for her to exclusively play Julianna Barwick’s The Magic Place. What a sweet lady.


These are pulled from my Last.fm account. My top genres were Electronic, Indie, Experimental, Ambient and “2017.” 2017 as a genre, last.fm? Annoying.

Not too many surprises. I listened to a lot of Björk, Grouper, Cocteau Twins, Dntel, Jessy Lanza, Yo La Tengo and records from 2017. Probably the most vanilla listening year ever. Didn’t do too much exploring or backlogging, just listened to the big stuff at hand and the major classics. Hope to change that in 2018.


  1. BJÖRK [681 plays]
  2. HUNDRED WATERS [459 plays]
  3. GROUPER [456 plays]
  4. ALDOUS HARDING [453 plays]
  5. DNTEL [451 plays]
  6. LAUREL HALO [418 plays]
  7. KELELA [416 plays]
  8. COCTEAU TWINS [382 plays]
  9. CHINO AMOBI [369 plays]
  10. ALVVAYS [359 plays]
  11. BURIAL [356 plays]
  12. BECK [343 plays]
  13. JESSY LANZA [325 plays]
  14. YO LA TENGO [314 plays]
  15. COLLEEN [313 plays]
  16. FOUR TET [304 plays]
  17. ARCA [301 plays]
  18. HAND HABITS [287 plays]
  19. YAEJI [286 plays]
  20. BEACH HOUSE [282 plays]
  21. PLAYBOI CARTI [269 plays]
  22. KANYE WEST [262 plays]
  23. VINCE STAPLES [255 plays]
  24. KAYTRANADA [253 plays]
  25. SASSY 009 [251 plays]


  1. ALDOUS HARDINGParty (2017) [377 plays]
  2. CHINO AMOBIPARADISO (2017) [369 plays]
  3. VARIOUS ARTISTSMono No Aware (2017) [332 plays]
  4. DNTELHuman Voice (2014) [309 plays]
  5. HAND HABITSWildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (2017) [284 plays]
  6. ALVVAYSAntisocialites (2017) [276 plays]
  7. PLAYBOI CARTIPlayboi Carti (2017) [269 plays]
  8. KELELATake Me Apart (2017) [262 plays]
  9. KAYTRANADA99.9% (2016) [253 plays]
  10. BJÖRKHomogenic (1997) [251 plays]
  11. SASSY 009Do you mind EP (2017) [250 plays]
  12. SCNTFCOxenfree OST (2016) [238 plays]
  13. SAMPHAProcess (2017) [231 plays]
  14. VINCE STAPLESBig Fish Theory (2017) [230 plays]
  15. JACQUES GREENEFeel Infinite (2017) [224 plays]
  16. JACASZEKKWIATY (2017) [213 plays]
  17. BURIALUntrue (2007) [211 plays]
  18. KELLY LEE OWENSKelly Lee Owens (2017) [207 plays]
  19. GROUPERDragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill (2008) [206 plays]
  20. JESSY LANZAOh No (2016) [202 plays]
  21. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFFThe Navigator (2017) [200 plays]
  22. LAUREL HALODust (2017) [199 plays]
  23. THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVEPleasure Suck (2017) [195 plays]
  24. PONDThe Weather (2017) [192 plays]
  25. ARCAArca (2017) [188 plays]


  1. DNTEL – “Connections” [96 plays]
  2. DANNY L HARLE – “1UL” [81 plays]
  3. PLAYBOI CARTI – “Magnolia” [79 plays]
  4. SCNTFC – “Epiphany Fields” [70 plays]
  5. JACASZEK – “Soft Music” [66 plays]
  6. BJÖRK – “Venus As A Boy” [65 plays]
  7. JACQUES GREENE – “Afterglow” [64 plays]
  8. HUNDRED WATERS – “Currency” [63 plays]
  9. SASSY 009 – “Feel me” [62 plays]
  10. WEED – “Leash” [61 plays]
  11. BROADCAST – “You And Me In Time” [61 plays]
  12. ALDOUS HARDING – “Living The Classics” [58 plays]
  13. YVES TUMOR – “Limerence” [57 plays]
  14. COCTEAU TWINS – “Fifty-Fifty Clown” [54 plays]
  15. POND – “Paint Me Silver” [52 plays]
  16. ALVVAYS – “Dreams Tonite” [51 plays]
  17. SASSY 009 – “Are you leaving” [51 plays]
  18. DNTEL – “Bay Loop” [49 plays]
  19. KELELA – “LMK” [49 plays]
  20. SASSY 009 – “Wounds” [49 plays]
  21. DNTEL – “Ashby” [48 plays]
  22. COLLEEN – “Goodbye Sunshine” [48 plays]
  23. COLE M.G.N. – “If U Let Me” [48 plays]
  24. HUNDRED WATERS – “Particle ” [48 plays]
  25. LAUREL HALO – “Moontalk” [47 plays]


I consumed more media this year than any other year in my life. I thought I’d put everything I partook in here, partly to boost my own morale by declaring: “I did all this. I read books and watched movies and played some new video games at a good clip this year and I’m proud.” The other part of me putting all this here is to recommend you to consume most, if not everything I did. I had a great time constantly reading and finding new movies to watch throughout the year, especially since all of them were really good and brand new experiences.


A few of my closest friends are super movie buffs, so whenever I hung out with them there would usually be a moment where I’d be sitting and listening to their conversation about films I had never even heard of, let alone seen at all. Well, I’m bound to change that thanks to these friends, along with a great companion out in Canada. Going to the movies alone was also a nice therapeutic thing to do. Yi Yi was by and far my favorite thing I watched this year, followed by Grand Budapest Hotel and Good Time. I think this is a good bar to clear for 2018 – I can do this! If you have things you think I should watch NOW – fire away!

  • Memories [dir. Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto & Tensai Okamura]
  • Into The Inferno [dir. Werner Herzog]
  • Zootopia [dir. Disney (??)]
  • One More Time With Feeling [dir. Andrew Dominik]
  • Colossal [dir. Nacho Vigalondo]
  • Boy And The World [dir. Alé Abreu]
  • The Case Of Hana & Alice [dir. Shunji Iwai]
  • Goodnight Brooklyn – The Story Of Death By Audio [dir. Matthew Conboy]
  • Paprika [dir. Satoshi Kon]
  • Ani*Kuri 15 [various]
  • Hidden Figures [dir. Theodore Melfi]
  • Yi Yi [dir. Edward Yang]
  • Get Out [dir. Jordan Peele]
  • Arrival [dir. Denis Villenueve]
  • Rashomon [dir. Akira Kurosawa]
  • Your Name [dir. Makoto Shinkai]
  • Close-Up [dir. Abbas Kiarostami]
  • Moonlight [dir. Barry Jenkins]
  • Good Morning [dir. Yasujiro Ozu]
  • Good Time [dir. Benny & Josh Safdie]
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service [dir. Hayao Miyazaki]
  • Grand Budapest Hotel [dir. Wes Anderson]
  • Perfect Blue [dir. Satoshi Kon]
  • Only Yesterday [dir. Isao Takahata]
  • Portishead – Roseland NYC Live
  • Björk at the Royal Opera House
  • Lady Bird [dir. Greta Gerwig]
  • Kedi [dir. Ceyda Torun]
  • Star Wars – The Last Jedi [dir. Rian Johnson]


I primarily read on the subway, so I’d say being able to finish around 17 books in only 30-min increments throughout the year is pretty good, especially for someone who hasn’t recreationally read in a consistent way since childhood. Lots of shorties and graphic novels in there, to be fair. There’s also too much Murakami. I’m quite burnt out on him at the moment, but looking for female authors with a style similar to his. That’s what lead me to Notes Of A Crocodile and it’s followed up pretty well. Out of all the books here I’d say Nemesis made the largest impact on me and A Tale For The Time Being was my fav.

  • Girl In A Band – Kim Gordon
  • Akira Vol. 1 – Katsuhiro Otomo
  • Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl – Carrie Brownstein
  • Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman – Haruki Murakami
  • Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami
  • Snotgirl, Vol. 1 – Bryan Lee O’Malley & Leslie Hung
  • Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways To Listen To Music Now – Ben Ratliff
  • Hear The Wind Sing / Pinball, 1973 – Haruki Murakami
  • Nemesis – Philip Roth (shout out to Levi)
  • Chronicle Of A Death Foretold – Gabriel Garcia-Marquez
  • Of Walking In Ice – Werner Herzog
  • Nocturnes – Kazuo Ishiguro (shout out to David)
  • Collected Stories – Gabriel Garcia-Marquez
  • After Dark – Haruki Murakami
  • Legend Of Korra: Turf Wars, Part One – Michael Dante DiMartino, Irene Koh & Bryan Konietzko
  • A Tale For The Time Being – Ruth Ozeki
  • Our Band Could Be Your Life – David Azerrad
  • Golden Kamuy, Vol. 1 – Satoru Noda
  • Notes Of A Crocodile – Qiu Miaojin


I got to a few new ones in Oxenfree, Papers, Please and Rayman Origins, but the meat of my gaming in 2017 was replaying the classics. If you’re a Fire Emblem fan but haven’t played The Binding Blade yet, I cannot recommend it enough. Find it somewhere online and play it on your computer. It’s spectacular and incredibly challenging. Rayman Origins is a must-play for any person who loves platformers. Looking forward to playing some new games this year, along with replaying a few classics. I feel like I’m gonna go on a Castlevania kick again… shout out to Rick.

  • Oxenfree [PC]
  • Donkey Kong Country [SNES]
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest [SNES]
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! [SNES]
  • Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade [GBA]
  • Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones [GBA]
  • Fire Emblem [GBA]
  • Papers, Please [PC]
  • Rayman Origins [PC]
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic [PC]

Hey thanks for getting all the way to the bottom of this! I appreciate you greatly.

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