Playlist: 2010 – 2019 – A Decade Collected

I’ve been working on this playlist to collect all my favorite songs of the 2010s for well over a year. It initially began in my iTunes, but I quickly realized that there’s more to life than what’s in my immediate iTunes library. After moving to Spotify and trawling around there, it ballooned from a little over 300 songs to almost 1500, and it’s still growing as I get suggestions from friends and continue my quest to listen to more records from the decade.

It’s mostly just widely-accepted indie classics, favorite electronic, and a few wildcards thrown in. It’s organized by year and then alphabetically. Yes I had to do all that manually. It’s best to just pick a song and shuffle it from there. Think of it as a big, old playlist that you’d put on your iPod back in the day and just let go for weeks. The art of the shuffle. Although that may not be the culture nowadays, that still means a lot to me. I’ll be refining this list down to 200 soon, so keep your eyes pasted on the blog to catch that.


I’m not even gonna try typing it all out here, but that’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll have a long-ish playlist to type out soon 🙂

Here are some songs that AREN’T on Spotify that you should listen to as well! Note that these are going off my personal iTunes library, which I’ve been accumulating songs on since 2007 (in this current library). I haven’t kept as good track as I should when it comes to things streaming and what’s not, but here’s what I have right now. Lots of Joanna Newsom and Elite Gymnastics, but also a few others that are definitely important to me and my music consumption this decade. I’ll definitely be adding to this as I find more songs, this is just the initial harvest from my library. Who knows what I’ll find next.

Check the whole list out in the read more:

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