Recommended Albums: April 2019

For this month’s edition of Recommended Albums, I had a bit of trouble bringing my list to 10. There were a few albums that came out this month that I was really excited to listen to leading up to their release, but ended up disappointing me. However, current WV 2019 Top 5 records, Aldous Harding and Weyes Blood, were both gifted to the world, so that’s worth something, right? We’ve really got it all in the bunch I’ve pulled, though – I think you’ll like it a lot, just as I have: bossa nova hybrid, synth pop, Japanese hardcore, sludge metal, Swedish house, Iranian experimental, Irish post punk, and a whole mess of other tunes in the Spotify playlist. Hope you enjoy!

Aldous Harding – Designer [4AD]
Having an existential crisis after meeting an ersatz version of yourself on vacation.

Claude Fontaine – Claude Fontaine [Innovative Leisure]
A widow waits on a tropical island for their partner to return from the watery depths.

Fontaines D.C. – Dogrel [Partisan]
A low rumbling turns to cacophonous buzzing that echoes through cold city streets.

Grace Ives – 2nd [Dots Per Inch]
Feeling extremely ready to party all night long but likewise ready to sit on the couch at said party and play video games.

Inter Arma – Sulphur English [Relapse]
A remote, midwestern town being slowly pulled into the center of the Earth.

Kornél Kovács – Stockholm Marathon [Studio Barnhus]
A free roaming, momentum-based 3D platformer video game modeled after Sega Dreamcast classics, with bright floating cubes to jumps on.

Lowly – Hifalutin [Bella Union]
Finding divine comfort in caressing the smooth, rubbery surfaces of houseplants at a socially uncomfortable house party.

Otoboke Beaver – ITEKOMA HITS [Damnably]
Rage building from your unfulfilling daily routine violently bubbles over at the workplace.

Sote – Parallel Persia [Diagonal]
A mad scientist deconstructed various stringed instruments from around the world to create a furious creature cast of wood, steel and wires.

Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising [Sub Pop]
Actors on soap operas being forced to act minute before the sun explodes rewrite their lines as messages to their loved ones.


Best of 2019 Spotify Playlist HERE!

  • Aldous Harding – “Damn”
  • Aldous Harding – “Fixture Picture”
  • Aldous Harding – “Heaven Is Empty”
  • Aldous Harding – “Weight Of the Planets”
  • Altin Gün – “Kolbasti”
  • Bibio – “Curls”
  • Big Thief – “Cattails”
  • black midi – “Talking Heads”
  • Cate le Bon – “Home To You”
  • The Chemical Brothers – “Got To Keep On”
  • Claude Fontaine – “Hot Tears”
  • FKA Twigs – “Cellophane”
  • Fontaines D.C. – “The Lotts”
  • Fontaines D.C. – “Too Real”
  • Grace Ives – “Icing on the Cake”
  • Gus Dapperton – “Fill Me Up Anthem”
  • Hot Chip – “Hungry Child”
  • Injury Reserve – “Koruna & Lime”
  • Inter Arma – “Citadel”
  • J-E-T-S – “REAL TRUTH (feat. Tkay Maidza)”
  • Kelsey Lu – “Due West”
  • Kornél Kovács – “Purple Skies”
  • Kornél Kovács – “Rocks”
  • Lowly – “baglaens”
  • Marie Davidson – “Work It (Soulwax Remix)”
  • Mega Bog – “Diary of a Rose”
  • Otoboke Beaver – “Akimahenka”
  • Pottery – “The Craft”
  • Priests – “Control Freak”
  • SOAK – “Déja vu”
  • Sote – “Atomic Hypocrisy”
  • TR/ST – “Colossal”
  • Tyler Ramsey – “The Bottom Of The Sea”
  • Wand – “Lucky’s Sight”
  • Weyes Blood – “Something To Believe”
  • Weyes Blood – “Wild Time”

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