Recommended Albums: September 2018

Ava Luna – Moon 2 [Western Vinyl]
Putting an impossibly complicated formula into a graphing calculator, exploding the screen and watching numbers big and small fly across the room and form new shapes in the air.

Christine & The Queens – Chris [Because Music]
Ultimate naked lip-syncing post-shower in a foggy mirror moment compilation.

Dilly Dally – Heaven [Partisan]
Inserting metal wires down your arms and legs, standing underneath a powerful magnet, ripping all of your skin off, then living your life as a skinless husk.

Emma Ruth Rundle – On Dark Horses [Sargent House]
An old abandoned farm house has black smoke billowing out of every cupboard, drain pipe, light fixture, crack in the floorboard and dusty appliance.

The Field – Infinite Moment [Kompakt]
Climbing a glacier and tapping into memories of its centuries-long, earth-carving journey.

Guerilla Toss – Twisted Crystal [DFA]
Strapping on a VR headset and putting a virus in your homeroom teacher’s computer allows you to avoid doing your homework for another night, but also causes your classmates to mutate into disfigured, flesh-eating cartoon characters.

Lonnie Holley – MITH [Jagjaguwar]
A breeze blows through the vast amount of forgotten corners and communities in the United States and out comes a low, rumbling, waveringly harmonious whistle.

North Americans – Going Steady [Driftless Recordings]
Jumping into a pile of leaves and staying there for an entire day.

Oliver Coates – Shelley’s on Zenn-La [RVNG]
Sitting in a video lab, you watch as 150 different alternate universes’ versions of yourself go about an average day and compare and contrast the results, overlaying each universe on top of one another to see how the paths eventually diverge and reconnect.

Yves Tumor – Safe In The Hands Of Love [Warp]
Reading a specific passage of a cursed book found in a damp alleyway causes auditory & visual hallucinations and an intense desire to build monuments to an unknown deity.


Best Of 2018 Spotify Playlist

  • Adrianne Lenker – “symbol”
  • Ava Luna – “Set It Off”
  • Christine & The Queens – “Comme si”
  • Christine & The Queens – “Goya Soda”
  • Dilly Dally – “Doom”
  • Emma Ruth Rundle – “Darkhorse”
  • Empress Of – “Love For Me”
  • The Field – “Divide Now”
  • Foodman – “Clock (feat. Machina)”
  • Guerilla Toss – “Jesus Rabbit”
  • Joji – “Slow Dancing In The Dark”
  • Julia Holter – “I Shall Love 2”
  • Kelly Moran – “Helix (edit)”
  • Lil Uzi Vert – “New Patek”
  • Lonnie Holley – “How Far Is Spaced-Out?”
  • Low – “Tempest”
  • Marie Davidson – “Work It”
  • Marissa Nadler – “I Don’t Listen To Gene Clark Anymore”
  • Mountain Man – “Moon”
  • North Americans – “Grayling”
  • Oliver Coates – “A Church”
  • The Spirit Of The Beehive – “Fell Asleep With A Vision”
  • Tim Hecker – “In mother earth phase”
  • Yaeji – “One More”
  • Yumi Zouma – “Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)”
  • Yves Tumor – “Honesty”
  • Yves Tumor – “Lifetime”
  • Yves Tumor – “Recognizing The Enemy”

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