Recommended Albums: July 2021

Keeping it light for July. Listened to a good lot of records, but could only confidently pull seven here. Maybe there are some records I’ll find at a later date, but for now just listen to the ones I have here. They’re good! Meditative synth, enchanted pop, weighted walls of sound and more. Hope you enjoy!

Arushi Jain – Under The Lilac Sky [Leaving]
Opening a mysterious door in a dream leads to a vast network of lush canyons, symbolizing your memory patterns as you’ve grown older.

Izzy Johnson – earth tones [Driftless]
A traveling mouse sits beneath a giant mushroom on the edge of a dense forest to eat their lunch, accompanied by other wayward exploring critters.

King Woman – Celestial Blues [Relapse]
An enchanted sword that glitters like the sky on a cloudless night inflicts its wielders with an throbbing ache for blood.

Koreless – Agor [Young Turks]
A research outpost on a distant moon deploys a cybernetic grid to cloak entire solar systems from detection of passing space pirates.

Mega Bog – Life, and Another [Paradise of Bachelors]
A storytelling bard performs in the tavern of a medieval-looking community of humans, dragonkin, elves, angels and more, floating within an impenetrable vortex of clouds.

Midwife – Luminol [The Flenser]
Laying in a sleeping bag with a weighted blanket on top, in your bathtub, in the dark, as fireworks explode in the distance.

yes/and – yes/and [Driftless]
A mechanical clock nestled in a sunny coastal marsh eternally turns time backwards.


  • Arushi Jain – “Cultivating Self Love”
  • Izzy Johnson – “existing”
  • King Woman – “Boghz”
  • King Woman – “Morning Star”
  • Koreless – “Joy Squad”
  • Koreless – “Shellshock”
  • LUMP – “Paradise”
  • Mega Bog – “Crumb Back”
  • Mega Bog – “Life, And Another”
  • Midwife – “2020”
  • Tobacco City – “Never On My Mind”
  • TORRES – “Thirstier”
  • yes/and – “Learning About Who You Are”

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