Recommended Albums: November 2017

This November was much better than last year, where I struggled to even make a post with November and December combined. Some really good stuff this month, including my space queen Björk. Still trying to unpack her record, but it’s still yielded some goosebumpy listens. I cannot recommend SASSY 009 and Yaeji enough – two EPs that pair nicely together.

Angel Olsen – Phases [Jagjaguwar]
A box of old things found while going through your childhood home.

Björk – Utopia [One Little Indian]
Like eating a really, really spicy pepper and experiencing a euphoric spectrum of overwhelming stimuli and blistering heat.

Call Super – Arpo [Houndstooth]
A rollercoaster made out of really nice office chairs.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest [Because]
Driving down a winding, tree-lined road at night with a bouquet of roses, a knife and a one-way plane ticket in the passenger seat.

DJ Seinfeld – Time Spent Away From U [Lobster Fury]
Getting emotional in the club, or maybe in a step aerobics class.

EERA – Reflection Of Youth [Big Dada]
Your house is steadily filling up with sand and the sounds of birds.

Gunn-Truscinski Duo – Bay Head [Three-Lobed Recordings]
Two best friends, competitors, rivals, partners, equals, duel for the fun of it to delay the end of the world.

SASSY 009 – Do you mind EP [Hard Up / Luft Recordings]
Getting crushed by a giant LED screen that’s showing a live feed of you getting crushed by said LED screen.

Yaeji – EP2 – [Godmode]
“When the sweaty walls are bangin’, I don’t fuck with family planning. Make it rain, girl, make it rain.”

Various Artists – Diggin’ In The Carts : A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music [Hyperdub]
A hidden cavern filled with dusty treasures.


Listen to all these songs and more on my Best of 2017 Spotify playlist.

  • Angel Olsen – “Fly On Your Wall”
  • Björk – “Arisen My Senses”
  • Björk – “Blissing Me”
  • Call Super – “Music Stand”
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Deadly Valentine”
  • DJ Seinfeld – “Time Spent Away From U”
  • DJ Seinfeld – “Too Late For U And M1”
  • EERA – “I Wanna Dance”
  • Gingerlys – “Turtledoves”
  • Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Seagull For Chuck Berry
  • SASSY 009 – “Feel me”
  • Yaeji – “Raingurl”

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