Recommended Albums: February 2019

This month’s edition of Recommended Albums features darkwave synth, Japanese ambient, a dub ambient collab, an official DJ mix, and some of the best singer-songwriters on the planet.

Boy Harsher – Careful [Nude Club]
A dramatic, black-lit car chase sequence between a non-binary, goth dominatrix vampire and the gargoyle raver computer nerd tasked with killing them.

Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs [Mexican Summer]
Sitting in a corner booth of a 24-hour diner watching waitresses and clientele mingle at 2am, steam rising out of the kitchen window, woman smoking on the curb outside.

Julia Jacklin – Crushing [Polyvinyl]
Walking past a display of flowers and immediately thinking of the people you’d give flowers to, if you had the chance.

log(m) & Laraaji – The Onrush of Eternity [Invisible, Inc.]
Doing a cannonball into a natural hot spring, feeling the bubbles trace your body and watching as they rush up to the surface.

Mikron – Severance [CPU Records]
A camera set up to monitor deep-sea creatures is absorbed by a current-riding, gelatinous being, showing the scientists unseen worlds, normally unreachable by humankind.

Nivhek – After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house [Self-Released]
A rogue, blinking stimulus tries to resuscitate you from a numb, comfortable stupor.

Powder – Powder In Space (Mix) [Beats In Space]
Getting every musical toy in a store to sync up perfectly, creating a small club in aisle 5.

SPELLLING – Mazy Fly [Sacred Bones]
A bubbling, smoking cauldron is host to a myriad of destructive, devious spells.

Tiny Ruins – Olympic Girls [Ba Da Bing]
Finding a bottle with an ambiguous, inspiring and oddly specific message written inside makes you think it was made just for you, giving you a romantic hope for the future.

Various Artists – Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 [Light in the Attic]
Deriving all pleasure gained through life from watching nature interact and change around you.


Check the Spotify Playlist!

  • Aldous Harding – “The Barrel”
  • Body San – “Sundress Beverage”
  • Boy Harsher – “Come Closer”
  • Boy Harsher – “Fate”
  • Boy Harsher – “LA”
  • Cass McCombs – “Estrella”
  • CHAI – “Fashionista”
  • Hot Flash Heat Wave – “Sky So Blue”
  • Jamila Woods – “ZORA”
  • Jessica Pratt – “Crossing”
  • Julia Jacklin – “Pressure To Party”
  • Mikron – “Sunken Paths”
  • Nivhek – “After its own death: Side B”
  • ODESZA – “Just A Memory (Mild Minds Remix)”
  • Pottery – “Lady Solinas”
  • Powder – “Gift”
  • Tiny Ruins – “How Much”
  • Tiny Ruins – “One Million Flowers”
  • TR/ST – “Unbleached”
  • Unloved – “Heartbreak”

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