A Summer Can Be A Playlist 2012

Hello all! It’s Summer!

Well, it has been summer. It’s actually almost half over. Isn’t that sad?

Yes, music. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this on the blog, but I’m going to be posting a playlist with summery-ish songs from this year to accompany your daily summer activities and activities that you wish were summer involved. Inspired mostly by Stereogum’s “Cruel Summer” mixtapes, these are entirely available to download in two 16-song parts, resulting in you being 32-songs richer.

And like I said before, they are summer themed, as in you play them when the day is nice or you play them when the day isn’t nice but you want to act like it is. Play them by the pool. Play them in the car. Play them at parties. These are meant to have fun to. Some are meant to relax to. It’s all up to you, now. They’re out of my control.

I enjoy summer with these songs, why shouldn’t you? I enjoy sharing! Have a nice day!

Also I don’t think the songs will go on your computer in order of appearance in this list. Don’t be alarmed.



1. Chromatics – “Kill For Love”
2. Andrew Bird – “Danse Carribe”
3. Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”
4. Toro Y Moi – “Girl Problems”
5. Father John Misty – “I’m Writing A Novel”
6. Japandroids – “Adrenaline Nightshift”
7. Ty Segall & White Fence – “Crybaby”
8. Air Drops – “Giants of Canaan”
9. DIIV – “How Long Have You Known?”
10. Francoise Hardy – “Le Temps De L’Amour” (Moonrise Kingdom OST, not original release)
11. Poolside – “Slow Down”
12. Dirty Projectors – “Dance For You”
13. MIA – “Bad Girls”
14. Major Lazer – “Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman)”
15. Beach Fossils – “Shallow”
16. Punch Brothers – “This Girl”



1. Beach House – “Lazuli”
2. Roman Ruins – “Mighty Love”
3. A Lull – “Summer Dress”
4. Death Grips – “I’ve Seen Footage”
5. Bear in Heaven – “The Reflection Of You”
6. Tennis – “Traveling”
7. King Tuff – “Bad Thing”
8. Chairlift – “Amanaemonesia”
9. Lone – “Raindance”
10. Tomas Barfod – “November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert)”
11. Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”
12. The Walkmen – “Heaven”
13. Clams Casino – “Swervin’ (Instrumental Remix)”
14. Fang Island – “Asunder”
15. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Baby (feat. Dâm-Funk)”
16. The Antlers – “Drift Drive”


Woo! Hope everything works, this is the first time I’ve done something like this!

Happy listening!

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