Best Of 2018 :: Live Experiences

Over the past two years, I’ve made the arbitrary decision to rank the live shows I attended that year. It’s worked decently well, since I have gone to some shows in the past that just knocked my socks clean off into a waiting volcano, incinerating them and along with it any hope of having dry feet for the next 10,000 years. This year, however, was different. I feel like I was surrounded by volcanoes, each with a bigger desire for socks. There was no way I could rank which volcano was hungrier than the next: they’re volcanoes! Instead, I’ll write about the hungriest volcanoes instead. I feel like I’ve drifted away from the main point here. In short, here are the best and most memorable shows I attended this year, presented in chronological order. I thought that I wouldn’t see more shows in a year than in 2017, but I beat that in 2018. Two festivals helped, but even without them I still exceed last year’s ludicrous total. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see stats + every artist I saw.

(Notice – all the videos linked below are rando live videos, so in the future they might get taken down. For this, I apologize. I just want you to be exactly where my headspace was, yknow?)


  • Destroyer (+Mega Bog) @ Brooklyn Steel – 1/27/2018
    The famous show that inspired the Essential Oil Dimension. Setlist likely could not have been better, plus seeing the band just sync up in a dreamy, hazy, formless pocket like that was beyond my wildest dreams. Dan Bejar is one cool customer, let me tell ya.
  • The Radio Dept. (+SRiD & Psychic Twin) @ Warsaw – 2/3/2018
    This was just a wholesome good time. I ran into a good acquaintance at this show and hung together for most of it. Even though I was kinda dropped by another friend there, I had a sweet time talking and hanging. Plus the bands were great. Psychic Twin was killer – y’all should see her if you get the chance! Totally blew me away.
  • IDLES @ Hotel Vegas (SXSW) – 3/14/2018
    The christening show of SXSW 2018 was a doozy. IDLES really put the clamp down on 2018 with their run at SX, with good reason. The whole place was moshing, I saw the entire staff of a South Carolinian radio station get swallowed up right before my eyes. The guitarist climbed and promptly fell out of a tree while wearing only underwear. Glad to have gotten to see these lads on a small stage before they start smashing down arenas.
  • G Flip @ Lucille’s (SXSW) – 3/15/2018
    Felt a little like watching a star be born, especially since it was her second show EVER. Hasn’t quite taken off yet (how much can you do with only two songs in the world?) but G Flip is a natural born performer. The songs she has waiting in the chamber are pop perfection and a blast to see live. The kind of songs everyone was singing along to by the end of them, even though it was our first time hearing them. I was also standing behind her family from Australia, who were getting STUPID lit. Always fun to see a proud, lit fam for their super talented daughter. This is not to slight the second time I saw G Flip, which was with some music directors who got their mind blown when G Flip gets on drums during “About You” – I will never forget their faces.
  • Hop Along @ Cedar Street Courtyard (SXSW) – 3/16/2018
    First time seeing Hop Along. Just wanted to put this on here. Singing along to the hits was about as satisfying as you’d think it would be. Love this band to bits.
  • Four Tet @ National Sawdust – 3/22/2018
    I’ve never had a psychedelic experience through hallucinogenics, but I’d imagine that this came close to that feeling. Four Tet’s most recent live show included him playing in the center of a room amongst hanging, colored lightbulbs that were programmed to flow with the music. Watching Four Tet go through his songs live (it wasn’t just a DJ set, there was a ton of tech onstage with him) while the lights blinked and bobbed around in the audience and up into the ceiling was mind blowing. The stereo system itself was also surrounding the audience, so he would send sound to wrap around the room and move it around places, creating a multitude of hypnotic effects. I’ve already got my ticket to see him at Brooklyn Steel in February. I doubt it’ll capture the same magic as this did, but it’ll be another great, body-moving affair.
  • One Night, Three Shows – 4/13/2018
    I went to three shows in one night because I wanted to. It wasn’t even CMJ.

    • Waxahatchee @ Warsaw – Happy to finally see them! Didn’t play my fav songs, but regardless, another great one to check off my priority list. Sad to skip Hurray For The Riff Raff, but I had two other shows to hit that night.
    • Young Galaxy @ Knitting Factory – SO happy to finally see YG, on what would turn out to be their potential final tour. They played the hits (“We Have Everything”, “Pretty Boy”) and even came out for an encore, something that the lead singer said didn’t happen often. They seemed so grateful for everyone being there. After being a fan for seven years, it felt great to finally groove out to their songs in real time.
    • U.S. Girls (+Gold Dime) @ Baby’s All Right – Their third show of the night as well. Funny how we crossed paths like that. Like I wrote in my Top 50 Albums of 2018 post, U.S. Girls was the most impressive act I saw all year, packing wicked talent and grooves onto a small, small stage. This was at 1am, mind you. It was a delirious fever dream of a show and I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to see it.
  • Kevin Morby + Hand Habits @ Bowery Ballroom – 4/21/2018
    Another super wholesome show! I’ve love both Meg and Kevin so much, but seeing them play a show together was like heaven. New Hand Habits songs sounded amazing, and her old songs still shred like hell. As for Kev’s set: it was dope! The band is so in sync with each other. Also gotta love the moment when Meg jumps of Kevin’s back to rip a guitar solo while he sings. Just a sweet family outing.
  • serpentwithfeet @ The High Line Hotel – 5/6/2018
    Definitive proof that I have been in the same room as Björk, less than four feet away at one point. Thanks to some Red Bull money, serpentwithfeet put on an elaborate performance at an old meeting hall in a historic NYC hotel, complete with props and small dolls placed on every chair. As for the music, if you haven’t treated yourself to a serpent show yet, you better get the heck on it, cowboy! He’s hilarious, immensely talented and something so refreshing amongst many acts that try their hardest to not care. Because serpent definitely cares, and I am grateful for it.
  • Bombino @ Brooklyn Bowl – 5/9/2018
    Speaking of artists who care a lot, Bombino might just be the most skilled guitar player I’ve ever seen in my life. Whereas Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) is my favorite current guitarist, Bombino is the best shredder. My jaw was constantly left agape by the dude’s wicked shred skills, going off on multiple solos in non-Western modes, keys, what have you. Not to forget about his band, whom were also masterful in their own right and all stemmed from four or five different countries.
  • Fever Ray (+Bunny Michael) @ Brooklyn Hangar – 5/12/2018
    One of my longest-standing bucket list artists, Fever Ray, was finally checked off this year with a feverish, unabashed, brilliant and horny performance in a remote hangar in Brooklyn. It was great and all to hear the fiery new material, but hearing her superstar band incorporate her older, more somber songs into this jacked-up framework was a blast and a half. This was nearly a decade of anticipation, folks!
  • Midori Takada (+Huerco S.) @ Murmrr – 5/23/2018
    A master at work! Never thought I’d get the chance to see Midori Takada perform, but hey – New York, baby! Watching her do her thing on marimba, pseudo-taiko drums, cymbals and bells was amazing. The only detractor was the young boy sitting behind me, constantly fidgeting in his creaky seat and loud kid-whispering to his dad “daddy is that the lady?” and “daddy when is this over?” Why you would bring a little kid to a show like this I don’t know. Eventually they left, which was much appreciated. Thank you Midori!

Hit that read more for Oneohtrix, Yo La Tengo, Grouper, Nick Cave & more.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never @ Park Avenue Armory – 5/24/2018
    Although I wish I got to see Oneohtrix before this, this was still one hell of a first ride. MASSIVE production at the Park Avenue Armory, a historic old venue that felt like a vault into future history once the large, wooden doors opened and smoke billowed out (I got there early). On each seat was an 18-page program fleshing out the whole universe’s lore in insane sci-fi fantasy jargon, and hanging from the ceiling were sculptures of characters depicted on the cover and inside the program. The band (including Eli Keszler on percussion (mindblowing clatter master) and Kelly Moran on keys (badass harpsichord virtuoso)!) were splayed out across the stage, each musician played on a different riser, making for a Dark Souls / Medieval style court performance (fitting for the future-baroque aesthetic happening here). Behind the performers was a massive set of LCD screens playing 3D-animated clips from OPN’s fictional universe Age Of, along with other bizarro imagery like a rat from Fievel Goes West smoking inside a piano and promptly exploding. During “Black Snow” a giant blob inflated and dancers came out, during “Warning” Prurient came out, during “The Station” Kelsey Lu came out. It was a show of surprises, most shocking to me being the fact I was sitting behind OPN’s family. My friends and I were discussing the show the whole way home. Although it had its lulls, there was nothing else like it in 2018.
  • Hop Along + Saintseneca @ Brooklyn Steel – 5/30/2018
    Second time for Hop Along in 2018 (and not the last!). This was a double-header of me screaming songs off the balcony at Brooklyn Steel, something I will eternally be grateful for.
  • Mr Twin Sister (+Gemma & Sateen) @ Elsewhere Rooftop – 6/7/2018
    After seeing these folks twice in my first summer in NYC, I’m glad I finally got to see them again to kick off my third summer in NYC. They played mostly new songs (off Salt) so I couldn’t really connect with them as much as the classics. But when they did hit on “In The House Of Yes” and “Out Of The Dark”, hoo boy – I was gone. Also shout out to Gemma, AKA the lead project of Felicia from Ava Luna, AKA the best part.
  • Amen Dunes + U.S. Girls (+L’Rain) @ Brooklyn Steel – 6/23/2018
    A pairing of two top ten 2018 artists is hard to beat! Plus, this whole show was livestreamed. My parents watched during U.S. Girls and their only feedback was from my mom: “I said to dad: ‘pass the bong!’ haha!” My parents do not smoke. Take this time and watch the full set from U.S. Girls (with excellent mixing) – you will not regret.
  • I’m With Her, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mitski, Jamila Woods & Phoebe Bridgers @ Damrosch Park – 8/1/2018
    NPR’s celebration of female artists came to a head at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, where five incredibly talented acts came together and performed. It was not some kind of “We Are The World” shindig, but rather I’m With Her (Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz) played first, then Mitski, Jamila, Phoebe and Carly Rae came out with NPR’s Ann Powers for a Q&A /song-line thing. Powers’ questions were a bit cringey, but seeing these performers bring out acoustic versions of their hit songs. Seeing the other performers admire each other during the other’s songs was also pretty neat as well. Everyone seemed pretty juiced to be there, as the seated audience rushed the stage when Carly Rae started, but were all ushered back by security. On the next round, a few fans tried skipping their way to the stage, only to get stopped once again by security. It was pretty goofy, but seeing this full lineup was bonkers.
  • Caroline Rose @ Elsewhere Rooftop – 8/2/2018
    Even though the setlist was the exact same as it was for the first time I saw her at SXSW, goofs and all, it was still super entertaining thanks to the setting and the people I was with. I went with my co-worker and his girlfriend, along with my ex-roommate and her boyfriend. I also met up with a friend from high school and her boyfriend, while also running into some colleagues from another company. PLUS some randos stopped me to talk about my Orange Milk shirt I was wearing, saying that they found the exact same shirt on google images earlier but didn’t know where it was from. It was humid as hell and actually started pouring during the last song. Total sensory overload.
  • Chic & Nile Rogers @ Governors Island for OctFest – 9/9/2018
    Always fun to see a living legend strut their stuff. It was raining, which was a bummer, but people were still dancing along to the mega-hits Rogers has written over the years. In one hilarious moment he asked the audience to get out their phones and shine their light on him, and when most people hesitated due to the rain, he muttered “alright y’all I know the new iPhone is waterproof… get them phones out”. Love the guy.
  • Yo La Tengo @ Governors Island for OctFest – 9/9/2018
    My second time seeing Yo La yielded potentially the better setlist, including “I Heard You Looking” and of course “Autumn Sweater” (gotta check it off my list!). It was raining the whole time, I was with some sweet sweet people, and I got to see an ass with an umbrella in the front row get shit rocked by some indie rock fans. Win Win!
  • Grouper (+ L’Rain) @ Murmrr – 9/12/2018
    I finally got to see my sad queen, or as I like to call her, my mom. Twice in fact, but the first time was the best. It was in an old, seated theater where I got to lay back and let the waves of piano, guitar and tape feedback wash over and consume me. Hearing favorites “Alien Observer” “Labyrinth” and “Fishing Bird” for the first time was tear-inducing. There was one moment where she cranked up the tape delays and noise and let it crush everyone in the venue. I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a tornado, with chaos ripping around me, but I felt safe. Like I was observing the most intense storm of my life, but I was safe. Goosebumps a plenty. As lame as this sounds, probably the closest I’ll get to a legitimate religious experience was that noise tunnel.
  • IDLES (+ Bambara) @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg – 9/22/2018
    Not sure if I’ve ever seen Music Hall this bonkers. The patron saints of IDLES brought the holy hellfire to the stage and the pit, making the whole place erupt in a mass of ricocheting bodies throughout the night. I’m not that type of guy, so I stayed on the outside. Still managed to get a beer poured on me, though. So it goes.
  • Leon Vynehall @ The Kitchen – 9/27/2018
    Wasn’t expected to be blown away by this show as much as I was. Vynehall was backed by a three-piece band, comprised of an upright bassist, drummer and sytnh rack keeper. The brilliant surround-sound system and minimal light show synced perfectly with the contoured, dynamic music. I think I described this as a space jazz band from the future playing music from discarded space station parts. A delightful treat.
  • Alvvays (+Hatchie & Snail Mail) @ Warsaw – 9/28/2018
    Always great to see Alvvays. About a year after seeing them last, I got the chance to catch them with TWO big time openers (Hatchie & Snail Mail), with my partner and some sweet friends. I’m always a fan of Alvvays shows, but my partner wasn’t sold. This is fair, since the last time we saw them together was in a literal basement in CT in 2015. The bigger stage detracted from the intimate nature a bit, but holy smokes can these Canadians put on a great show. Oh and we were treated to a cover of “Alimony” by The Hummingbirds featuring Snail Mail and Hatchie guesting on vocals and guitar.
  • Mitski @ Union Transfer – 10/19/2018
    For my first concert in Philly, I got to catch the first date of Mitski’s fully sold-out tour and was treated to an OLDIE – a song off a record pre-Bury Me. I was also there with my partner and a few other sweet friends. Seeing the big venue get packed and people screaming “YAS HYDRATE” at Mitski when she stopped to take a drink was a trip.
  • Mountain Man (+The Dead Tongues) @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg – 10/25/2018
    Only got to catch half of the set, but it was the most rapt and raucous audience I’ve seen at Music Hall since IDLES. People go NUTS for spare, triple-harmony folk music. The band is effortlessly cool and charming, coming together with funny anecdotes and genuine appreciation for the audience and each other in between songs. Healing music. If I could see this band once a month, I would do it.
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (+ Cigarettes After Sex) @ Barclay’s Center – 10/26/2018
    Haha oh man, this was insane. If I were ranking shows, this would probably be my #1. First, the show itself was shocking. The band was unreal, Nick Cave’s energy was unmatched, the crowd was electric, and he played the dang hits. I’m not even that well verse in Cave’s catalog and I had a hootin-good time. It’s just SO impressive that Cave can pack out an arena and be as loud and chaotic as he is (without being a metal band). Sure he brings out the ballads, but there were moments of brutal noise and everyone was loving it. He’s also 61 years old, jumping into the audience, leaping all over stage, bringing a horde of fans up on stage with him, interacting with the crowd, talking to people, commenting on things that happen during the show (someone released a bunch of smiley face balloons: “no one take my picture with those. I don’t wanna be seen with those” We didn’t bring them”). I recommend that you try and parse the Nick Cave discography so hopefully the next time he comes stateside you can muster up the dough to see this guy. It was a revelation.
  • Louis Cole (+DOMi & JD) @ Bowery Ballroom – 11/29/2018
    Definitely did not see a show this year with more talent onstage than this. Goofy funkmaster Louis Cole is an outrageous musician in his own right, but this man brought on a 12-piece horn&wind section, an auxiliary drummer, a backup keys player, a bassist, a guitarist and two backup singers / dancers. This was all while he was singing and changing between drums and keys. Everyone on stage had at least one solo, constantly blowing the audience’s (and occasionally the band’s) minds with unexpected, boundary-shattering jazz improvisation. It was also hilarious, with Louis saying stuff like “alright y’all ready for something real cool?” and then would play this insane fill. Bowery was also packed to the gills for him. It was a joyous night. If you see Louis Cole or his band KNOWER coming to your town, DO NOT MISS IT. Especially if you like goofy funk stuff like Snarky Puppy or Vulfpeck.
  • Yo La Tengo + The Blind Boys Of Alabama @ Bowery Ballroom – 12/3/2018
    Although the OctFest Yo La Tengo set was better than this, I gotta hand it to The Blind Boys Of Alabama. They put on one of the most heartwarming shows I have ever SEEN. These are old, blind dudes singing their heart out, getting a crowd full of white people amped on gospel in the year 2018. At one point the group’s leader was led into the audience and people just went bananas. My heart grew three times bigger that night. The ‘Boys also came out with Yo La to do an acoustic version of “Ohm”.


  • 172 Individual Performances
  • 151 Different Bands (38 seen at SXSW)
  • 78 Shows Overall + 2 Festivals (SXSW 2018 + OctFest 2018)
  • 115 Seen For The First Time
  • 19 Seen More Than Once in 2018
  • Venue Breakdown:
    • Brooklyn Steel = 21 Bands
    • Elsewhere (All Venues) = 18 Bands
    • Music Hall of Williamsburg = 12 Bands
    • Baby’s All Right = 10 Bands
    • Bowery Ballroom = 10 Bands
    • Cheer Up Charlie’s (SXSW) = 9 Bands


Scroll down for full stats!

  • Acid Dad @ Valhalla
  • Alexis Taylor @ Elsewhere
  • Algiers @ Elsewhere
  • Alvvays @ Warsaw
  • Amber Mark @ W Hotel Times Square
  • Amen Dunes @ Brooklyn Steel
  • A Place To Bury Strangers @ Barracuda
  • April + Vista @ Elsewhere
  • August Greene @ Stubb’s
  • Ava Luna @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Bambara @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Basement Revolver @ Pianos
  • Bekon @ Four Seasons Hotel (KUTX Session)
  • Bernice @ Alphaville
  • The Beths @ Mercury Lounge
  • Big Thief @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Black Belt Eagle Scout @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Black Milk @ Apple Store Williamsburg
  • The Blind Boys Of Alabama @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Bombino @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • Built To Spill @ Baby’s All Right
  • Bunny Michael @ Brooklyn Hangar
  • Buzzy Lee @ Park Church Co-op
  • Carly Rae Jepsen @ Damrosch Park
  • Caroline Rose (x2) @ Empire Control Room + Elsewhere Rooftop
  • Chic & Nile Rogers @ OctFest 2018
  • Chrome Sparks – Elsewhere
  • Cigarettes After Sex @ Barclay’s Center
  • Dana Buoy @ Berlin
  • Daniel Avery @ Rough Trade In-Store
  • The Dead Tongues @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Denzel Curry @ Gramercy Theater
  • Dessa @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
  • Dilly Dally @ Elsewhere
  • DOMi & JD @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Downtown Boys @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Dr. Octagon (x2) @ Scoot-Inn + Brooklyn Bowl
  • Drugdealer @ Baby’s All Right
  • Emancipator @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Eyedress @ Baby’s All Right
  • Ezra Furman @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Farao @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • Fever Ray @ Brooklyn Hangar
  • The Flaming Lips @ OctFest 2018
  • Flasher @ OctFest 2018
  • Four Tet @ National Sawdust
  • Gabriel Garzón-Montano @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Gang Gang Dance @ Elsewhere
  • Gemma @ Elsewhere Rooftop
  • G Flip (x2) @ Lucille’s + Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Girl Ray @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Gold Dime @ Baby’s All Right
  • Gracie & Rachel @ The Blackheart
  • Grouper (x2) @ Murmrr + Park Church Co-op
  • Hand Habits @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Handsome Boy Modeling School @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • Hatchie (x2) @ OctFest 2018 + Warsaw
  • Hater @ Valhalla
  • Higher Brothers @ Terminal 5
  • Hinds @ Hotel Vegas
  • Hop Along (x3) @ Cedar Street Courtyard + Brooklyn Steel + OctFest 2018
  • Huerco S. @ Murmrr
  • IDLES (x2) @ Hotel Vegas + Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • I’m With Her (x3) @ Rough Trade + Damrosch Park + Union Transfer
  • Jamila Woods @ Damrosch Park
  • Jeff Rosenstock @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma @ Park Church Co-op
  • Jess Williamson @ Baby’s All Right
  • Joji @ Terminal 5
  • Josh T. Pearson @ Valhalla
  • Keith Ape @ Terminal 5
  • Kevin Morby @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Kississippi @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Kraus @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Kyle Avalone @ Waller Ballroom
  • Leon Vynehall @ The Kitchen
  • Lingua Franca @ Beerland
  • Lithics @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Little Dragon @ Elsewhere
  • Loma @ Baby’s All Right
  • Lorde @ Barclay’s Center
  • Louis Cole @ Bowery Ballroom
  • L’Rain (x2) @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg + Murmrr
  • Luluc @ Rough Trade In-Store
  • Machinedrum @ Elsewhere
  • Makeness @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Martha @ Chris Gethard Show
  • Mega Bog @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Men I Trust @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • MHYSA @ National Sawdust
  • Midori Takada @ Murmrr
  • Miles Francis @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
  • Mint Field @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
  • Mitski (x4) @ Barclay’s Center + Damrosch Park + Union Transfer + Brooklyn Steel
  • Moby @ Rough Trade
  • Moon Diagrams @ Elsewhere
  • Mountain Man (x2) @ Rough Trade In-Store + Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Mr Twin Sister (x2) @ Elsewhere Rooftop + Elsewhere
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Barclay’s Center
  • Oneohtrix Point Never @ Park Avenue Armory
  • Overlake @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
  • Palm @ Brooklyn Steel
  • PC Worship @ Baby’s All Right
  • Phoebe Bridgers @ Damrosch Park
  • Psychic Twin @ Warsaw
  • PUJOL @ Valhalla
  • The Radio Dept. @ Warsaw
  • The Range Of Light Wilderness @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Renata Zeiguer @ Park Church Co-op
  • Rhye @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Rich Brian @ Terminal 5
  • Rituals Of Mine @ Baby’s All Right
  • Roosevelt @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
  • Run The Jewels @ Barclay’s Center
  • Saintseneca (x2) @ Brooklyn Steel + Bowery Ballroom
  • Sammus @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • SASSY 009 (x2) @ Elysium + Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Sateen @ Elsewhere Rooftop
  • scooterbabe @ Beerland
  • serpentwithfeet @ The High Line Hotel
  • Shame @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • Smerz @ National Sawdust
  • Snail Mail @ Warsaw
  • Sneaks (x2) @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop + Elsewhere
  • Standing On The Corner @ OctFest 2018
  • Stella Donnelly @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • Suburban Living @ Beerland
  • Sudan Archives @ Empire Outside
  • Sun June @ Seven Grand
  • Superchunk @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Superorganism @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Surf Rock Is Dead @ Warsaw
  • Swearin’ @ Bowery Ballroom
  • Tomberlin @ Union Pool
  • Tom Misch @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Torres @ Brooklyn Steel
  • Tracyanne & Danny @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Brooklyn Steel
  • U.S. Girls (x2) @ Baby’s All Right + Brooklyn Steel
  • Vagabon @ OctFest 2018
  • The Voidz @ Elsewhere
  • The Weather Station @ The Blackheart
  • Will Butler @ Littlefield
  • Wye Oak (x2) @ The Blackheart + Brooklyn Steel
  • Yo La Tengo (x2) @ OctFest 2018 + Bowery Ballroom
  • Young Fathers (x2) @ Elsewhere Zone One + Elsewhere
  • Young Galaxy @ Knitting Factory
  • Yumi Zouma @ Baby’s All Right
  • Yuno @ Brooklyn Steel

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