Best Of 2017 :: 10 EPs

As is tradition, the christening of WARM VISIONS LIST WEEK starts with the EPs. The little guys. The quality over quantity. The toe dip before the album. It never feels right to rank EPs with full albums, so I always give them their own time to shine.

This year we see new faces, teasers of things to come, a double dose, a local supergroup, a real good grooves. Hope you find something you really love in this batch. Shout out to Half Waif and Amber Mark too.

10. Ross From Friends – The Outsiders

An arcade machine comes alive at night and plays dance music to a dusty storeroom.


Grey skies, dry heat blasting, impending snowstorm, change & crumbs in old car seats.

8. Sudan Archives – Sudan Archives

A violin sits at the bottom of a naturally heated lake, sprouting vegetation on its banks.

7. Kamasi Washington – Harmony Of Difference

The grand populace teaming together to fight a rising, malevolent force.

6. Yaeji – EP2

A step by step method to making friends with everyone in any club’s VIP section.

5. Danny L Harle – 1UL

Energy drink commercials with anime girl mascots.

4. Hundred Waters – Currency

A glistening shower of jewels displacing light across a wide canyon.

3. Yaeji – Yaeji

A step by step method to get into the VIP section of any club.

2. Palm – Shadow Expert

Trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing and your hands tied.

1. SASSY 009 – Do you mind

Holding conflict resolution with facsimiles of friends in an erupting/collapsing volcano.

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