Recommended Albums: June 2022

In an attempt to make up for Recommended Albums of May 2022, I’m READY for June 2022. It helped that there were some true home runs. Also what are the chances we have two records by musicians from São Paulo, Brazil. This is also the first time that I’ve featured a video game soundtrack here. That was the 11th album I added. Crazy, right? That’s a good sign for sure. Either way – here are my favorite albums + songs of June 2022. Best of 2022 so far coming soon.

Angel Olsen – Big Time [Jagjaguwar]
Only memories of sunlight cutting through the steam of their drink the last time you saw them remain.

Fresh Pepper – Fresh Pepper [Telephone Explosion]
Approximations of patrons walking outside steamy restaurant windows as a faint rain causes their already vague forms to melt into one another, coated in a fragrance of uneaten appetizers.

Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance [Matador]
Noticing someone that wears the exact same outfit you did the day before, down to the personal details, until you realize you’ve just warped back into the past when your retro fashion was current.

Joan Shelley – The Spur [No Quarter]
The feeling of wind blowing past your face on a dusk bike ride on dirt roads, air rich with early-summer rain, warm earth, unmitigated flora overflowing up old telephone poles.

Machine Girl – Neon White OST Part 1 – The Wicked Heart [Angel Matrix]
After consuming enough caffeine to make an elephant break the Boston Marathon record, you terrorize your local grocery store, riding carts up and down the aisles with an alarming disregard for human life.

The Range – Mercury [Domino]
Doing sick hoverboard tricks in a meteorite crater-turned halfpipe as society rebuilds its metropolis in the distance.

Sessa – Estrela Acesa [Mexican Summer]
Bringing all your houseplants outside and laying amongst them as you watch the stars together.

TDJ – TDJ123 [Collection Disques Durs]
Fighting alongside your crush in an intense laser tag battle, and then tag-teaming at DDR in the lobby.

Tim Bernardes – Mil Coisas Invísiveis [Psychic Hotline]
Walking into a vast hallway with gorgeous gossamer curtains billowing into the space via large open windows, letting in wafts of a floral late spring from the garden.

Time Wharp – Spiro World [Leaving]
After following a breadcrumb trail of margin notes in books you check out from the library, you discover another society of micro humanoids, living in complete harmony in juxtaposition to our chaotic world.

Zola Jesus – Arkhon [Sacred Bones]
Members of the cultural resistance are forced underground, developing glorious operas and art pieces illuminated and echoing against cavern walls by burning torches and hearty voices.


  • Angel Olsen – “Big Time”
  • Angel Olsen – “Go Home”
  • Automatic – “New Beginning”
  • Braxe + Falcon – “Step By Step (Bonus Beat)”
  • ELUCID – “Sardonyx (feat. billy woods, Pink Siifu & Quelle Chris)”
  • Fresh Pepper – “Seahorse Tranquilizer (feat. Dan Bejar)”
  • Fresh Pepper – “Waiting On”
  • Hollie Cook – “Move My Way”
  • Hollie Cook – “Unkind Love”
  • Horsegirl – “Beautiful Song”
  • Horsegirl – “Homage to Birdnoculars”
  • Horsegirl – “Option 8”
  • Joan Shelley – “Bolt”
  • Joan Shelley – “Like the Thunder”
  • Joan Shelley – “Why Not Live Here”
  • Machine Girl – “Hellion”
  • Machine Girl – “House of Cards”
  • Machine Girl – “Rigged Game”
  • Machine Girl – “Sin to Win!”
  • Martin Courtney – “Sailboat”
  • MUNA – “What I Want”
  • The Range – “Cantor”
  • The Range – “Urethane”
  • The Range – “Violet”
  • The Range – “1995”
  • Sessa – “Canção da Cura”
  • Sessa – “Irmão de Nuvem”
  • Sessa – “Pele da Esfera”
  • Soccer Mommy – “Don’t Ask Me”
  • TDJ – “Live On (Without You)”
  • TDJ – “Open Air (feat. fknsyd)”
  • TDJ – “Pushed You Away”
  • Tim Bernardes – “BB (Garupa de Moto Amarela)”
  • Tim Bernardes – “Mistificar”
  • Tim Bernardes – “Olha”
  • Time Wharp – “Mixo World”
  • Time Wharp – “Tezeta”
  • TSHA – “Giving Up (feat. Mafro)”
  • Yaya Bey – “big daddy ya”
  • Yaya Bey – “meet me in brooklyn”
  • Zola Jesus – “Into The Wild”
  • Zola Jesus – “The Fall”
  • 070 Shake – “History”

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