Recommended Albums: October 2017

October yielded some really, really great albums. Some things that had me reach outside my comfort zone and pull back remarkable things I probably wouldn’t have listened to otherwise. I highly recommend anyone listen to the things I’ve listed here. You can do it! You’ve earned it! Enjoy your life and reap its benefits!

The oldest car in the Kroger parking lot has a shoegaze mix stuck in its CD player and a copy of Silence Of The Lambs on laserdisc, wrapped in a down coat, laying in the trunk.

Circuit Des Yeux – Reaching For Indigo [Drag City]
A cowboy hat and a bouquet of blue roses are launched into a multi-dimensional rift.

Colleen – A flame my love, a frequency [Thrill Jockey]
A series of recurring dreams in which the clouds and stars and planets and waves and snowflakes and dead leaves become emotionally dependent on one another.

Destroyer – ken [Merge Records]
Otherwise mundane and common occurrences are overplayed to a theatrical, over the top degree by assorted pedestrians that it charms many into a state of euphoric fatigue.

Fever Ray – Plunge [Mute]
A human trapped in alive ice for the past 80 years is thawed and experiences culture shock upon viewing the hedonistic behavior of today’s society, eventually succumbing to the overwhelming carnal pleasures.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – The Kid [Western Vinyl]
Deep analyses of a dense, murky swamp and all of the complex, intertwined relationships of the organisms that thrive there.

Kelela – Take Me Apart [Warp Records]
A break-up leads our protagonist to a full-bodied metamorphosis into a truly superior, elegant and groove-based individual that effortlessly glides through analyzing and accepting trauma and kindles a new love within themselves.

King Krule – The OOZ [True Panther Records]
A previously charming man who’s spent too long laying in a gutter, covered in mold, shambles around an urban landscape in the dead of night, searching for stimulants.

Kllo – Backwater [Ghostly]
Warm lights bob and pulsate around and against two stainless steel sculptures of lovers.

Nai Palm – Needle Paw [Sony Masterworks]
A room full of candles melt wax into the form of a multi-colored snake, which majestically slithers into the starry heavens.


Listen to all these songs plus at least 150 more from 2017 on this Spotify playlist.

  • Blue Hawaii – “No One Like You”
  • CCFX – “The One To Wait”
  • Circuit Des Yeux – “Black Fly”
  • Colleen – “A flame my love, a frequency”
  • De Lux – “875 Dollars (Juan MacLean Remix)”
  • Deradoorian – “Mountainside”
  • Destroyer – “Sky’s Grey”
  • Fever Ray – “To The Moon And Back”
  • Fever Ray – “Red Trails”
  • Foodman – “Oyaji Voice”
  • John Maus – “Touchdown”
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Who I Am And Why I Am Where I Am”
  • Kelela – “Waitin”
  • King Krule – “Vidual”
  • Kllo – “Downfall”
  • Lawrence Rothman – “Wolves Still Cry”
  • Makthaverskan – “Comfort”
  • Nai Palm – “Crossfire / So Into You”
  • NHK yx Koyxen – “Meeting”
  • Palmbomen II – “Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy”
  • SASSY 009 – “Are you leaving”
  • Smerz – “No harm”
  • SoulMates – “Instant Fan”
  • Stars – “Real Thing”
  • St. Vincent – “Sugarboy”
  • Visible Cloaks – “Wheel”
  • The Weather Station – “Complicit”
  • Yaeji – “Drink I’m Sippin’ On”
  • Yumi Zouma – “December”

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