Recommended Albums: October 2019

This month was a doozy. We got some of the most anticipated records of the year from Angel Olsen, Anamanaguchi, Floating Points and Danny Brown, some surprise releases from Big Thief, Chromatics and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, along with some newcomers in Konradsen, Great Grandpa and Common Holly. All in all, fantastic stuff.

Anamanaguchi – [USA] [Polyvinyl]
The feeling when you gain the ability to quick travel in a video game and go back to worlds you’ve completed just to sightsee.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors [Jagjaguwar]
Rose petals mingle in the wind of a dramatic snowstorm.

Big Thief – Two Hands [4AD]
Doing karate in the woods by yourself and a courier brings you a fruit basket.

Chromatics – Closer to Grey [Italians Do It Better]
A long zoom in starting from a view of a city skyline and ending on a person in a nondescript building that turns and looks at the camera.

Common Holly – When I say to you Black Lightning [Barsuk / Solitaire]
Watching a plane flying an oddly specific self-help message pass overhead in a pink and blue sky.

Danny Brown – uknowhatimsayin¿ [Warp]
Laughing so much you experience a psychedelic episode that lasts into your forties.

Floating Points – Crush [Ninja Tune]
Completing complex equations on a giant chalk board opens a gate to a secret dimension.

Great Grandpa – Four of Arrows [Double Double Whammy]
A familiar porch light on in the distance after a miles-long walk down country roads.

Konradsen – Saints and Sebastian Stories [Cascine]
The rosy heat radiating from cheeks after sitting next to a fireplace all night.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen [Ghosteen Ltd.]
Weaving clouds into a glittering tapestry with slots for sunlight to shine through.


  • Anamanaguchi – “Air On Line”
  • Anamanaguchi – “The CRT Woods”
  • Angel Olsen – “Spring”
  • Anna Meredith – “Inhale Exhale”
  • Battles – “Fort Greene Park”
  • Big Thief – “Forgotten Eyes”
  • Big Thief – “Shoulders”
  • Big Thief – “Those Girls”
  • Blue Hawaii – “On a High”
  • Caroline Polachek – “Door”
  • Chromatics – “Whispers in the Hall”
  • Chromatics – “You’re No Good”
  • Common Holly – “Uuu”
  • Common Holly – “You Dance”
  • Danny Brown – “Belly of the Best (feat. Obongjayar)”
  • Danny Brown – “Savage Nomad”
  • Destroyer – “Crimson Tide”
  • Floating Points – “Anasickmodular”
  • Floating Points – “Bias”
  • Floating Points – “Environments”
  • Frances Quinlan – “Rare Thing”
  • Great Grandpa – “Bloom”
  • Great Grandpa – “Dark Green Water”
  • Kim Gordon – “Paprika Pony”
  • Konradsen – “Roasted”
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Galleon Ship”
  • Squirrel Flower – “Red Shoulder”
  • TORRES – “Good Scare”
  • Yeule – “Poison Arrow”

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