Recommended Albums: February 2021

I had a bit of difficulty picking 10 records to feature for February 2021. Not because there was a dearth in good music – more the opposite. Lots of high-profile indie releases finally hitting, as well as majorly-hyped newcomers cutting into the scene with impactful new albums. My current reigning AOTY from Black Country, New Road came out, Cassandra Jenkins, Katy Kirby and Brijean all made fantastic records I listen to on the regular, and the rest listed here are fantastic as well. Don’t miss them.

Black Country, New Road – For the first time [Ninja Tune]
The smartest kid in your high school class is embarrassed in front of everyone at the talent show and goes on to write a morbid doomsday-like musical featuring every classmate.

Brijean – Feelings [Ghostly]
Entering a seemingly never-ending spa, where the steam gets thicker and thicker as wafts of clay, salt, coconut oil and other essential oils lull you into a hypnosis, floating and sweating between rooms.

Cassandra Jenkins – An Overview on Phenomenal Nature [Ba Da Bing!]
Sitting with your best friend by the ocean, watching blown dandelion spores float off into the current.

Danny L Harle – Harlecore [Mad Decent]
Achieving true enlightenment on hour eight of a DDR marathon at your local bowling alley in 2004.

Karima Walker – Waking The Dreaming Body [Orindal / Keeled Scales]
A cloud of fireflies waft into your room through an open window on a warm summer evening, casting objects you’ve grown numb to seeing in a new light.

Katy Kirby – Cool Dry Place [Keeled Scales]
Building a pillow fort with a clear view of the starry sky on the site of your childhood home that had been demolished 10 years prior.

Lael Neale – Acquainted With Night [Sub Pop]
What you’d find on an unmarked VHS thrift store tape – old, snowy footage of a one-woman show with red velvet curtains, multiple static camera angles with fade edits and a karaoke lyric chyron.

Psymon Spine – Charismatic Megafauna [Northern Spy]
A man-sized Stretch Armstrong toy comes to life and cartoonishly struts down a busy fashion avenue, elongating his limbs around corners, until the hot sun causes him to drip and melt into an ooze.

Sloping – Completed Songs [sound as language]
Opening a old tin box of personal affects and finding it to be full of dry pine needles.

Virginia Wing – private LIFE [Fire]
Visiting a photo art exhibit and realizing that you’re somehow in the background of every shot despite having no memory of being in those locations.


Take a peek at my favorite songs of 2021 HERE

  • Aerial East – “I Love Dick”
  • Anika Pyle – “Emerald City”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Opus”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Science Fair”
  • Black Country, New Road – “Sunglasses”
  • Brijean – “Hey Boy”
  • Brijean – “Ocean”
  • Brijean – “Softened Thoughts”
  • Cassandra Jenkins – “Ambiguous Norway”
  • Cassandra Jenkins – “Crosshairs”
  • Cassandra Jenkins – “Hard Drive”
  • Danny L Harle – “On A Mountain”
  • Danny L Harle – “Where Are You Now”
  • Floatie – “Catch A Good Worm”
  • Horsegirl – “Ballroom Dance Scene”
  • Jimmy Edgar – “Be With You (feat. Mille Go Lightly)”
  • Jimmy Edgar – “Cheetah (feat. Semma)”
  • Karima Walker – “Reconstellated”
  • Katy Kirby – “Cool Dry Place”
  • Katy Kirby – “Juniper”
  • Katy Kirby – “Peppermint”
  • Lael Neale – “Some Sunny Day”
  • Lael Neale – “White Wings”
  • Mouse On Mars – “Artificial Authentic”
  • Myd – “Born A Loser”
  • Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “White Elephant”
  • Psymon Spine – “Channels”
  • Psymon Spine – “Modmed”
  • Sloping – “Raft”
  • Sloping – “Trail”
  • Smerz – “Believer”
  • Spirit of the Beehive – “THE SERVER IS IMMERSED”
  • Sun June – “Everywhere”
  • Virginia Wing – “Soft Fruit”
  • Virginia Wing – “99 North”
  • The Weather Staton – “Parking Lot”

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