Recommended Albums: May 2021

Back at it again with another Recommended Albums. May 2021 was pretty solid with some great new releases, including two highly-anticipated ones from Daniel Bachman and Erika De Casier for me. Not much to say here honestly – listen to all these dang records. Hopefully more blog content this month. Sorry for the silence in May!

black midi – Cavalcade [Rough Trade]
An eccentric scientist gone mad from testing his concoctions groovily conducts a symphony of tubes, bottles and beakers, making foaming potions in his dungeon laboratory like he’s under a spotlight on stage.

Daniel Bachman – Axacan [Three Lobed]
The headlights and radio of a decaying pickup truck sitting at the bottom of a lake suddenly turn on, emitting warped AM broadcasts via caustic bubbles to the surface.

Doss – 4 New Hit Songs [LuckyMe]
Skateboarding down a subway tunnel where the curved walls are bright, touchscreen LCD displays broadcasting Vtuber rhythm game let’s play footage.

Erika de Casier – Sensational [4AD]
An etiquette instructor in a snappy white suit is seen having a tense exchange on their cellular phone in the estate rose garden, concluding with snapping the phone shut and striding back inside.

FACS – Present Tense [Trouble In Mind]
A glitched cyborg struggles to crawl their way through a dark alley before scrappers begin to salvage parts from their leaking body.

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime [Matador]
A massive bonfire lights up an entire town, emitting softball-sized embers into the sky that sizzle out like fireflies.

Rosali – No Medium [SPINSTER]
Digging your way out of a grave and flipping off all the shocked bystanders as you walk home covered in dirt.

Sara Bug – Sara Bug [Egghunt]
Riding through your hometown with the windows down after a long time away and the scent of the breeze evokes an endless waterfall of memories.

Sarah Neufeld – Detritus [Paper Bag]
Ultra high definition slow motion videos of divers doing flips and spins as they plunge into icy waters below the rocky cliffside.

Skee Mask – Pool [Ilian Tape]
A gang of futuristic eco-terrorists cause massive redwoods to burst through major highways while acrobatically grapple-hook flying through the newly-minted forests.


These songs + more on my Best of 2021 Spotify playlist – HERE.

  • Aly & AJ – “Slow Dancing”
  • black midi – “Ascending Forth”
  • black midi – “Marlene Dietrich”
  • Colleen – “Hidden In The Current”
  • Daniel Bachman – “Big Summer”
  • Daniel Bachman – “Coronach”
  • Doss – “On Your Mind”
  • Doss – “Strawberry”
  • Erika De Casier – “Better Than That”
  • Erika De Casier – “Busy”
  • Erika De Casier – “Drama”
  • FACS – “General Public”
  • FACS – “Mirrored”
  • Green-House – “Rain”
  • India Jordan – “And Groove”
  • John Andrews & The Yawns – “New California Blue”
  • John Andrews & The Yawns – “Try”
  • JULES – “Tout À Fait”
  • Marinero – “Nuestra Victoria”
  • Mdou Moctar – “Afrique Victime”
  • Mdou Moctar – “Chismiten”
  • Mustafa – “Ali”
  • Rosali – “Bones”
  • Rosali – Pour Over Ice”
  • Sara Bug – “Ride On Sundys”
  • Sara Bug – “Rosebank”
  • Sarah Neufeld – “The Top”
  • Sarah Neufeld – “With Love And Blindness”
  • Skee Mask – “Rdvnedub”
  • Skee Mask – “Testo BC Mashup”
  • Sophia Kennedy – “Loop”
  • Squid – “Boy Racers”
  • St. Vincent – “Down”

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