Recommended Albums: March 2019

We had a surplus of GREAT music this month so I did something controversial and went over my 10 album limit. Lovely variety of moods and textures on this list. Long-established artists and brand new pups on the scene. It’s a celebration of all things. I hope you enjoy!

Ana Roxanne – ~~~ [Leaving Records]
Laying in a sunflower garden & gazing at the sky, at first through a gentle summer rainstorm, until the clouds part and the sunset casts a lavender glow upon your face.

Andrew Bird – My Finest Work Yet [Loma Vista]
Pulling a particular book off the shelf in a public library reveals a secret passageway to an ancient scholar continuously writing history books about various American small towns. Then you throw them a birthday party for reaching the 500-year mark.

CHAI – PUNK [Burger]
Eating every sugary cereal at the grocery store and the resulting sugar high vibrates you into an alternate dimension of hyper-futuristic new wave Olympic ceremonies.

Chris Cohen – Chris Cohen [Captured Tracks]
Everyone at a party in a new town looks vaguely familiar, only for you to realize they’re all friends of friends you’ve only heard about in dreams.

The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery [Impulse!]
The year is 2276 and the Earth’s elders are holding gauntlets of strength and will to decide the fate of the gilded time warrior.

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Nocebo [The Flenser]
A chronicle of life after getting the notice that you’ll be pulled into hell in three days time.

Elsa Hewitt – Citrus Paradisi [ERH]
All city lights leave a permanent trail behind them as you skate through the streets, weaving quilts of light on a warm summer evening.

FACS – Lifelike [Trouble In Mind]
A troubling gale blows through a beached freighter, making the rusted joints of the vessel shriek in agony.

Hand Habits – placeholder [Saddle Creek]
Being occupied with swirling thoughts of regret throughout the night, finally finding solace once the sun comes up and you collapse from exhaustion and relief.

Marble Arch – Children Of The Slump [GÉOGRAPHIE]
Watching VHS footage of yourself as a child but you’re a lot cooler than you remember.

Maria Somerville – All My People [self-released]
Getting lost in a giant warehouse full of endless, billowing white curtains while landscapers plant fresh sod down wherever you walk.

Nilüfer Yanya – Miss Universe [ATO]
A personal AI companion becomes your best friend in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Snapped Ankles – Stunning Luxury [The Leaf Label]
A band of desert weirdos get partially beamed up into a UFO, leaving their conscious states floating between an Earth reality and one in the distant cosmos.

Solange – When I Get Home [Columbia]
Your commute after work becomes so routine that you experience lucid dreams of passing through walls, floating objects and talking graffiti & advertisements before getting home.


Listen to all these songs and more on my BEST OF 2019 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST!

  • Ana Roxanne – “I’m Every Sparkly Woman”
  • Andrew Bird – “Bloodless”
  • Andrew Bird – “Don The Struggle”
  • Arthur Russell – “Not Checking Up”
  • Apparat – “HEROIST”
  • Avey Tare – “K.C. Yours”
  • Bibio – “Curls”
  • Black Midi – “Crow’s Perch”
  • Brutus – “Django”
  • CHAI – “Curly Adventure”
  • CHAI – “Fashionista”
  • Chris Cohen – “Green Eyes”
  • The Comet Is Coming – “Astral Flying”
  • Elizabeth Colour Wheel – “23”
  • Elsa Hewitt – “Rolling In Your Wall”
  • Elsa Hewitt – “Tiny Dancer”
  • FACS – “Anti-Body”
  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers – “ZAM”
  • Friendly Fires – “Lack of Love”
  • Georgia – “About Work The Dancefloor”
  • Hand Habits – “can’t calm down”
  • Hand Habits – “what lovers do”
  • Helado Negro – “Running”
  • Hush Pup – “Mirror”
  • Injury Reserve – “Jailbreak The Tesla (feat. Aminé)”
  • JAB – “Jacob’s House”
  • K Á R Y Y N – “EVER”
  • K Á R Y Y N – “YAJNA
  • KH – “Only Human”
  • Laurence Guy – “My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg”
  • Lena Raine – “Tsukuyomi”
  • Little Simz – “101 FM”
  • Marble Arch – “Gold”
  • Marble Arch – “Your Song”
  • Maria Somerville – “All My People”
  • Maria Somerville – “This Way”
  • Nilüfer Yanya – “Tears”
  • Nonlocal Forecast – “Planck Lengths”
  • Orville Peck – “Buffalo Run”
  • Penelope Isles – “Chlorine”
  • Reptaliens – “Venetian Blinds”
  • SASAMI – “Not The Time”
  • Snapped Ankles – “Drink and Glide”
  • Sofia Kourtesis – “Los Santos”
  • Solange – “Sound Of Rain”
  • Solange – “Stay Flo”
  • Tamaryn – “Path Of Love”

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