Recommended Albums: December 2022

Ope – one more 2022 post for ya. December Recommended Albums posts always feel so redundant and uncool, despite there being legitimately good music coming out during the month. So don’t shy away, friends and listen to some bomb tunes. One of these records even made my Top 50 of the year, and a song from another made my Top 100 songs! See, there’s always a good reason to listen back to things.

Leland Whitty – Anyhow [Innovative Leisure]
Gorgeous, black marble walls are accented by tasteful lighting and a red patterned carpet at the club venue just outside of town, the curtains still holding the fragrances of soirees past, the floral arrangements emitting sensual clouds of delicate aroma.

Little Simz – NO THANK YOU [Forever Living Originals / AWAL]
Clicking a remote detonator to take down a rival’s headquarters while you’re posted up in paradise.

MIKE – Beware of the Monkey [10k]
Watching old home videos where you find your parents are dancing to songs you’re currently obsessed with, examining the cyclical nature of time and family.

Moriah Bailey – i tried words [Keeled Scales]
An ornately-feathered eagle preening itself over a steaming natural hot spring.

Shirley Hurt – Shirley Hurt [Telephone Explosion]
Planting a tree in the winter and watching as flowers that look like faces of your lost friends slowly blossom in the spring.

Shovel Dance Collective – The Water Is The Shovel Of The Shore [Double Dare / Memorials of Distinction]
A galley band continues to play on after centuries of being at the bottom of the North Sea.

SUSS – SUSS [Northern Spy]
Sitting in the desert, watching the sunset, and partially listening to a conversation being had many yards away about time passing.

SZA – SOS [Top Dawg Entertainment / RCA]
Eternally scrolling through your text message history & IG likes under a flowing waterfall of silk.


  • Leland Whitty – “Silver Rain”
  • Little Simz – “Gorilla”
  • MIKE – “Ipari Park (with Klein)”
  • MIKE – “nuthin i can do is wrng”
  • MIKE – “Weary Love”
  • Moriah Bailey – “A Late Spring”
  • Moriah Bailey – “The Ocean Life”
  • Shirley Hurt – “Empty Hands”
  • Shirley Hurt – “Pendulum”
  • Shirley Hurt – “Problem Child”
  • Shovel Dance Collective – “II”
  • Shovel Dance Collective – “III”
  • SUSS – “Ashfork, AZ”
  • SUSS – “Shimmer”
  • SZA – “Low”
  • SZA – “Seek and Destroy”
  • SZA – “Shirt”

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