Recommended Albums: September 2021

This is super late and I’m already running late on October albums – nearly two weeks of vacation in October will do that to a blog’s listening duties. Only nine albums this month, although I listened to plenty more. I tried to pluck my favorite songs down below the albums. That Sufjan & Angelo album is really great. I was putting off listening it for a while but I think the hype is justified. No real shockers on here – just the big ones. Couldn’t get any deeper than these unfortunately. Hope you enjoy.

Amyl & The Sniffers – Comfort To Me [ATO]
Standing up in a dusty, beaten-up convertible as it screams through a barren desert.

Injury Reserve – By The Time I Get To Phoenix [Self-Released]
Every piece of your body has exploded but you still have full consciousness, your shattered remains slowly trying to reorient themselves in their new broken up state.

Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert [Age 101]
Finding a hidden passageway in a back alley that’s a fast-pass monorail tour into scenes from your past, present and future, organized by a fairy godmother that knows all your secrets + desires.

Low – HEY WHAT [Sub Pop]
Running on two hours of sleep on a five day orbit around the Earth, blearily looking down at streaking clouds and ocean layer through tired eyes and molten space glass.

Maston with L’èclair – Souvenir [Innovative Leisure]
Laying in a beach chair by the side of a placid pool in the alps, watching a person in a parachute slowly glide through the mountainous canyon.

Nala Sinephro – Space 1.8 [Warp]
A bartender in a futurist-designed luxury space hotel stares wistfully out of the window as they shake someone’s drink, as patrons quietly illuminate the space with conversation and distant stars burn brightly across the galaxy.

The Stick Figures – Archeology [Floating Mill]
Running on a treadmill that’s positioned facing the edge of a cliff.

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind [Asthmatic Kitty]
A paper crane hanging in a warm attic softly drifts in the breeze let in through a stained glass window.

Also this album was a bit too out there at most points for me, but I think it’s a good idea to check out the reissued debut of UMANChaleur Humaine, via RVNG Intl.


  • Ada Lea – “my love 4 u is real”
  • Amyl & The Sniffers – “Hertz”
  • Amyl & The Sniffers – “Security”
  • Bad Waitress – “Delusions of Gradeur”
  • Central Heat Exchange – “Cold”
  • DJ Seinfeld – “Tell Me One More Time”
  • Dummy – “Final Weapon”
  • Injury Reserve – “Knees”
  • José González – “Visions”
  • Lionlimb – “Nothing”
  • Little Simz – “I Love You, I Hate You”
  • Little Simz – “Two Worlds Apart”
  • Little Simz – “Woman (feat. Cleo Sol)”
  • Machinedrum – “Inner Ear (feat. Chrome Sparks)”
  • Machinedrum – “Only One (feat. Angelica Bess)”
  • Marissa Nadler – “If I Could Breathe Underwater (feat. Mary Lattimore)”
  • Maston with L’Eclair – “Ghost”
  • Nala Sinephro – “Space 4”
  • Nala Sinephro – “Space 8”
  • The Ophelias – “Neil Young on High (feat. Julien Baker)”
  • The Stick Figures – “September”
  • The Stick Figures – “Yesterday”
  • Wet – “Clementine”

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