Upcoming Attractions: Yeasayer’s Odd Blood

Yeasayer’s highly anticipated new album, Odd Blood, is coming out on 2/9. I bet a lot of you knew that already. I just wanted to put it out there that I am really excited. The song “Ambling Alp” has been one of my constant-listen-to’s for awhile now. If you do not have Ambling Alp, you can get it here!

I could post the video as well, but it’s kinda NSFW. So I won’t. You could probably just search it. If that is your thing.

ALSO! Yeasayer’s web site has a bunch of good deals(Well, at least I think so) with Odd Blood. You can find those GOOD DEALS here!

You can also get another free single, “O.N.E.” by entering you email address. It’s good as well. In my opinion, not as good as Ambling Alp, but still very good. Well, that’s all for me! See ya!

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