New Merchandise – “Anxiety’s Door”


Merchandise if you are unfamiliar, are a new wave/post punk band based in Tampa, FL with members from many of the most prolific punk bands in Tampa’s scene. Their LP they released last year, “Children of Desire” placed in my Top 20 Albums of the year and their song “In Nightmare Room” placed in the Top 20 Songs of 2012 as well. They’re also my sixth most played artist on my Last.Fm. (Which is if any of y’all want to check it out) Needless to say, but they’re effortlessly becoming one of my favorite bands of the moment.  When I heard that they’re releasing an EP this year, I got pretty excited. That excitement was only encouraged when the first single, “Anxiety’s Door” came out.

The song is classic Merchandise, solid drum machine beat backing up the thorny, winding guitars that snake throughout the background of the song, giving a backdrop of feedback along with pushing the song forward. The vocals are as great as ever, crooning out and dripping with romanticism and abandon.

Well, check it out when you can. Also, first post of 2013! Woo!

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