The Field – “It’s Up There” [2011]

Sometimes shuffle betrays you. Sometimes you skip song after song until you find one you always listen to, thus making the whole “shuffle and shake up the routine” thing totally moot. In this case, it was not bad to me. It brought me back to The Field’s great 2011 album Looping State Of Mind, the first I had heard from the German electronic artist.

I was introduced the The Field in a place where I was introduced to so many different kinds of music: in my radio station’s New Music Committee. Every week, people would take CDs to review for the station so they could be properly marked with FCC violations, focus tracks and with recommendations of artists with a similar sound. The committee meeting was where everyone talked about the CDs they reviewed that week with the rest of the group and determined where things will go in the library. All boring stuff, I know.

This album was reviewed during one of the first New Music Committee meetings I went to and needless to say I was pretty stumped. Weird electronic music on the radio? Who would want to listen to this? Either way, I ripped it onto my computer because I wanted to look cool and ended up liking it a bit. Later, thanks to name recognition, I found myself immediately drawn to The Field’s 2007 album, From Here We Go Sublime, and pushed Looping State off to the wayside.

Now here we are, February 2016 and “It’s Up There,” off the 2011 album Looping State Of Mind comes on and I’m taken aback – how did I not know these hot, hot grooves are hidden within my collection of The Field? All I had remembered were the icy melodies of From Here We Go Sublime and the mechanical throbbing of The Field’s last album, 2013’s Cupid’s Head. But to hear such a groovy, disco-indebted bass groove like this in a Field song? Definitely wasn’t expecting it. It’s all about the bass here, to be honest. The bass is what makes it the future disco that it is. There’s a little bit of rhythm guitar sulking in the shadows as well, but the bass – HOO! It’s hot, baby! It’s gettin’ real hot in here! It’s Up There!

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