September Show Series 2017, Pt. 3: Weekend

The third entry to the series is going to be a pretty short one, unfortunately. This time I saw California band Weekend, playing their first show in a few years and their only show of 2017. I arrived very late due to many train mishaps, missing the opener and got there to see only about four or five songs of Weekend’s. Still felt like I was part of a special occasion, though.

The lead singer briefly touched upon what the band has been up to over the past few years (their last record was 2013’s Jinx), also that his mom flew out from California to see them play along with various other friends and family who were in attendance, and that he’s been clean from heroin for over a year and that he was unsure for a long time if the band would continue, but was really glad that they were all up and playing together now.

They definitely played with a fierce energy, one that was saved up for one, potentially final show. The songs I did see, like “End Times” above,” were great to hear live after being a fan for almost seven years. They ended things with “Coma Summer,” definitely a crusher to cap things off. That song really reminds me of Have A Nice Life, with all of its wailing into a sea of dark, woozy feedback. A beyond brilliant track. Wish I could have seen more of them!

Morale check: I wrote the second part of this series just a few hours ago and I was feeling fine, but I’ve gone downhill from there pretty fast. With train trouble making me incredibly late to the show tonight, along with the reality of this journey of shows being almost completely a solitary experience slowing dawning on me, it’s becoming more of a chore rather than a fun night on the town. My next show up is Sannhet & Baroness at the Brooklyn Bazaar. Baroness put on my favorite show of 2016, so this should be a necessary jolt I need to get back into things. I’m also going to be there with some friends, so my experience won’t be completely in isolation. There’s also the fear that I’m already too far in my own neuroses to be rescued, which is definitely a possibility, especially with the Mount Eerie show on the horizon. Scary times we live in. Thanks for reading this mess of a series.

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