Listen: Toro Y Moi – “Who Am I?” [2019]

Toro Y Moi guy Chaz Bear continues to showcase his innate ability to contort his sound to tap into what “the kids” are into these days while still holding to a strong core voice that he’s carried throughout his career from his chillwave beginnings to now. In this case, it’s ultra slick electro-funk pop that seems a perfect soundtrack to a likely viral fan-made music video consisting of clips from 80s anime with its creator posting in the comments “can we get to 3mil views? edit: omg this is the best thing that’s happened to me. thank yoU!!”

Not saying any of these things are bad. On the contrary, Outer Peace is a record that undeniably feels like 2019. Touching textures of the past while massaging phrases of the future has been “in” for a while, maybe forever, but the specific recipe concocted on this track + album feels brand spankin’ new to me. Crafted for earworm Spotify placement, Urban Outfitters muzak, a vlogger’s music recommend section (“this is a little indie but so cool).

Not to completely cast a big shade on this track, but it really feels like the musical embodiment of roller blading down a palm-lined street without a care in the world. There’s Daft Punk, there’s soundcloud city pop-mining beatmakers, there’s the death of Tumblr memes and monolith of Twitter memes, there’s The Avalanches’ carefree summer mood from Wildflower. It’s for alt college kids with radio shows to get emotional at their house parties to. It’s for riding a bus late at night, vibing all the way to your sweetheart’s place. It’s all there. It makes ya feel good. What else do we need?

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