Listen: MGMT – “Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix)” [2008]

One thing that I think has been lost as the 10s has progressed is the high-profile, or publicized, indie remix. There were whole albums dedicated to remixes of songs off a particular album, usually done by other similarly large artists / buzzy up and comers. Music blogs ate these cuts up (including yours truly) – more fodder to post with attractive names. Sometimes it’s a dream collab – a dreamy artist putting their take on a similarly dreamy song, someone bringing their sense of groove to another groovy song? The possibilities were endless. Looking back, I see Grimes remixing Washed Out, Toro y Moi remixing Cut Copy, Hot Chip remixing Gorillaz, etc.

These days I gotta expect it’s still happening but on a much smaller scale, since I haven’t seen any massive remix compilations come out with the same amount of focus put upon it by their fanbase or by the media. I know Björk has been pretty consistent in getting exciting new names to remix her stuff, and maybe a few others come to mind, but it’s safe to say the art of the remix has dropped off strikingly, starting in around I’d say 2012 or 2013. In 2011 I even posted a list of my favorite remixes from that year. Is it because the roll of the dice isn’t worth it sometimes? There are bad remixes, maybe folks didn’t want to roll the dice on posting about a poor flip. Maybe the sheer amount of unique music coming out right now is just too high to even consider posting about remixes unless it’s by someone incredibly huge. There are also barely any music blogs left, less places for publicists to make home for a stray remix or two. A multitude of factors, I’m sure.

I know EDM / electronic remixes have legs for days and find themselves in mixes more often than not, even in 2019, but I guess I’m talking about songs more like the one I’m posting here, MGMT’s “Electric Feel” remixed by Belgian duo Aeroplane. I heard it on KCRW this past week and was instantly teleported back to the late 00s and checking Hype Machine nearly every day to listen to the hottest new tunes. Aside from the fact that the original song is closely tied with the indie boom of the time, the nu-disco sound of the remix really cements it in 2008. I feel like stuff like this just isn’t being made anymore. Maybe that’s for the best, allowing us to return to groove gems like this without fatigue. You gotta love that sneaky, mischievous bass line and dedicated hi-hat. In 2019, this doesn’t seem ironic-sounding. In 2008, was it ironic? Were people genuinely grooving with this like I am right now? Back then, I feel like not everyone was irony poisoned like they are now. Either way, I’m getting off topic. This is a groovy as hell blast from the past (11 years ago, WOW!) and I hope it gets you to revisit some of your favorite remixes.

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