Listen: Konradsen – “The Year Is Over” [2020]

If you’re a stranger to the blog, you should know that I was head over heels in love with Norwegian duo Konradsen’s debut album from last year, a blessed collection of comforting dream pop with warm, echoing piano and inspired group vocals. The duo has a new EP coming in May via Cascine and it may be the perfect time for it. While we’re all stuffed in our homes and overwhelmed with anxiety, the region of “hygge” is coming in with more cozy tunes. The first single “The Year Is Over” is a continuation of the sound and vibe from Saints And Sebastian Stories, with the fuzzy piano and delicate electronics gurgling in the background. Their sound is really just like laying back on a comfortable pillow in a room filled with your friends, lit and soundtracked by a crackling fireplace. Heartwarming and simple to say the least.

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