Listen: Bibio – “Sleep On The Wing” [2020]

I’ve been following Bibio for nearly 10 years now and it brings me such joy that his music is not only constantly evolving and taking new forms, but retaining me as a steady fan throughout. From his groovy psychedelic funk, to Boards of Canada worship, to steady piano-based ambient, to lush folk, Bibio has maintained a signature voice. This new LP/EP of his Sleep On The Wing arrives quickly after his last record Ribbons, which hinted at the material we’d find here, which is pretty straight-up instrumental folk with an emphasis on violin melodies and dense, finger-picked guitar. It somehow sounds like the human voice has merged with nature’s, or calling forward to a time in nature where humanity is merely an echo in nature’s existence. Pieces of media that come to mind while listening: Pikmin games, the manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, the animated mini-series Over The Garden Wall, and certain parts of the video game Oxenfree.

“Oakmoss” is another favorite off this record (and the only other song on the record with vocals), but the title track / first single is just a majestic tune. It reminds me of fiddle music that I played as a youth, with the mandolin and violin double-teaming a melody that mirrors that of a rising and descending bird, along with the guitar and cello providing a solid backdrop. A classic Bibio flute-tone keyboard comes in as well. It’s gorgeous, aerial, summery music, somehow striking nostalgic flavors of the past while keeping itself current. The whole project is quick and very much worth your time.

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