Listen: Coral Club – “Undefined Traces” [2020]

Russian producer Alexander Sirenko paints vivid pictures of a psychedelic, humid rainforest on his track “Undefined Traces”, coming off his upcoming album Nowhere Island, out September 4 via Not Not Fun. Layering sounds of waterfalls, water splashing on a tiled floor, bird calls, wood-block percussion, cicadas, bushes rustling, along with more digital ambiance thrown in there, Coral Club establishes a universe unlike our current one (well outside those that exist in the concrete jungle of cities, anyways – shout out to everyone living on the equator), and provides a place for us to escape to during this truly screwed up time.

The layers of sounds slowly ramp up and really submerge the listener in its humidity at the midway point, then ushers them out of it by the end, sufficiently hypnotized by digital hand percussion. It really reminds me of certain levels from the Pikmin series, specifically the Perplexing Pool and Forest Navel locations. Such wonder, such surprise, such magnificence.

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