Listen: Sam Amidon – “Maggie” [2020]

One of my favorite musicians of the last two decades, Sam Amidon is releasing his new self-titled album on October 23rd via Nonesuch. If you’re unfamiliar, Amidon spent most of his album output reworking traditional folk songs, kind of giving them a modern facelift but also keeping them rooted in their origins, sound-wise. His most recent album, The Following Mountain, broke those traditions in favor of a more experimental, freer sound working its way into folk music, featuring masterful players like Sam Gendel, Shazad Ismaily and Milford Graves. I cannot recommend all his album enough, but this 2017 one is special.

Anyways – this new album is coming on October 23 and it sounds more like a continuation of The Following Mountain‘s sound – but we’ll see! Excited to hear the whole thing.

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