Listen: Kate Davis – “I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling” (Daniel Johnston Cover) [2020]

Attention Daniel Johnson and general music fans: Kate Davis has recently covered Johnston’s unbeatably titled “I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling” for Mental Health Awareness Day earlier this month. This cover precedes an entire album’s worth of Johnson covers courtesy of Davis and her band called Strange Boy, coming January 15, 2021, with streaming + proceeds from sales going to Johnston’s “Hi How Are You Project”, a charity focused on mental health education. Seems like a noble cause for a record to be behind!

The song itself is a dynamic, synth-arpeggio laden build-up jam that adds a touch of complexity to Johnston’s original composition, but keeps it true to its roots. It starts off quiet and slow burning, and climaxes with a dissonant, fireworks-backed finale. Parts of it remind me of classic indie rock from the mid/early 00s, the stuff I started listening to when I first started this blog. The first artist that came to mind was Sharon Van Etten, so a little later than the exact time period I’m thinking, but the sentiment is there. So take a little slice of this new recording, but savor the flavor of something not quite dusty-old, but with wisps of warming nostalgia.

Strange Boy is coming Jan. 15, 2021 via Solitaire Recordings.

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