Listen: Maria Chiara Argirò – “Clouds” [2022]


When I’ve listened to a song around 20 times over the span of a week, I think it’s only justice that the song gets its own post on the blog. This is the case with Maria Chiara Argirò’s “Clouds”, one of the early singles off her upcoming LP Forest City, out May 6 via Innovative Leisure. It’s hypnotic as all hell, and I anticipate if you’re into it you won’t be able to stop listening either.

To me, this track brings back memories of when I was first getting into dreamy electronic music in 2011-2013. From the graceful synth pattern throughout the track + the obscured and robotic swirls of vocals take me to that place. But the inclusion of live percussion and trumpet add an organic element that was missing in the earlier days, adding an almost jazzy quality to the track, fitting into the current trend of jazz seeping its way into forms of pop, electronic and rock (this is a good thing, mind you). I’ve heard some of the other singles from the upcoming Forest City and they’re just as good, but I’ve been lost in the repeating patterns of “Clouds”, endlessly hitting replay.

Maria Chiara Argirò’s Forest City is out May 6 via Innovative Leisure. Pre-order & listen more HERE.

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