Grammys? More like the “Baddys”.

Okay, this is my only rant for the year (hopefully).

I used to love the Grammys. They were awesome and had a variety of acts and music. Not all acts of the same thing each lasting about 10 minutes each. The prime examples is in probably 2004(?) where The White Stripes played. That was freakin’ sweet. My family actually went out and bought that album that night after watching. But here we have so much wrongness going down here, I can’t even stand it. Taylor Swift nominated for Country? Really? More like Pop.

Lemme give you a breakdown of  the nominations: Beyonce with 10, Taylor Swift with 8, and Black Eyed Peas with 6. What? I mean, try and spread out the  awards to other people! It’s not a popularity contest! Or is it?

I mean, the fact that MGMT and Silversun Pickups were nominated(and with no surprise, lost to a mainstream act) is  pretty good. But that is the  only thing. It just drives me up the wall! More updates after…

Comedy album – Stephen Colbert? I mean, okay. But Lonely Island not nominted? That album was hilarious! Jamie Foxx and autotune = ROFLCOPTER

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1 Response to Grammys? More like the “Baddys”.

  1. Mary H says:

    hey Trevor, just saw this on your fb page, not trying to be creepy or anything =) just wanted to say when I was watching the Grammy’s with my dad and they announced comedy album I said, ‘lonely island has to be nominated!’ and much to my surprise and distress they were not =(

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