Review-Sauce – Local Natives

Second album review ever. Let’s do this. Also, I know this album came out awhile ago, I just haven’t gotten to it.

Okay, so up next is Gorilla Manor by Local Natives. On Stereogum and Pitchfork they hyped it a lot, and provided two free mp3s, Sun Hands and Camera Talk. I like both of these tracks, their sound reminds me somewhat of Fleet Foxes, but not as folky. ‘Tis good.

On this album, I am not going in-depth track by track, because there are 14 songs which is a little large for me right now. I’ll just give a little synopsis for each.

By the way, I’m not going to score the tracks individually, you’ll just have to go by my overall recommendations at the end and my bad descriptions of the tracks the way through.

Wide Eyes – Nice vocal harmonies, good opener for the album.

Airplanes – Favorite track on the album, great lyrics and overall melody.

Sun Hands – More energetic song, I really like this one as well.

World News – Again, nice harmonies and lyrics.

Shape Shifter – Nice chorus and slick melodies. Sounds like a song on the radio.

Camera Talk – More “rock-y” than the other songs, very nice.

Cards & Quarters – Great harmonies, very soulful.

Warning Sign – Talking Heads cover, very fun song, great bass during the chorus.

Who Knows Who Cares – Sounds like Portugal the Man, nice drums effects.

Cubism Dream – Nice vocals, a bit jazzy even.

Stranger Thread – Running drums and strings at the beginning-very nice.

Sticky Thread – Pretty calm song, and again, great harmonies.Reminds me Grizzly Bear

Cool! Okay, so as you can see there are a lot of fantastic vocal harmonies, woozy guitars, and other things combine to make stuff that everyone will love.

I give THIS album an 87%. Yerp, an 87%. I pretty much love this entire album. Tracks that really shine to me are Wide Eyes, Airplanes, Sun Hands, Shape Shifter, Camera Talk, Cards and Quarters, and Who Knows Who Cares. BUT, you should just pick the whole thing up for yourself. Make your day. Alright, that is all.

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