Review-Sauce – Fang Island

Okay, so this is my third review. Sorry, that I keep on counting them, it’s just that it’s so freakin’ SWEET!


Actually, this album I am reviewing isn’t that serious though. Fang Island by Fang Island is (I think) Fang Island’s DEBUT album. Fang Island is I guess a more “prog” band then anything else. Most of their songs are awesome instrumentals and when the vocals are added, the quality of the atmosphere of the music is raised. Filled with vocal harmonies and high-flying guitar crunches, Fang Island does not disappoint on their first LP.

On this review, I am not going to go in depth with the tracks, because they all form into eachother and sound pretty similar. HEY, I bet you’re now thinking that because they sound similar, it is BAD. Well, not necessarily. These songs are surprisingly fresh, and their sound doesn’t get old easily. Fang Island described their sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone” or “when everything feels just right and everything is coming together”, which is always a good time.

Those comparisons are really good comparisons to the first half of the album, with the fizzling pops and bleeps of Dreams of Dreams which effortlessly transitions into Careful Crossers, a montage of awesome lobster wrestling. Just picture that. Haha. Okay, back on track.

Next up is Daisy, which I believe is the albums first single. It begins with some unintelligible jibber, and leads with some kick-butt guitar lines. I feel like high-fiving people just listening to it. VIDEO That transitions into my favorite track, Life Coach. At first, I saw the video, and marveled in it’s strangeness and non-computerized slow motion. VIDEO. Then I started listening to the song, and I love it’s beat and the build. Also, at the end, just think of a great event just coming into place: getting an aced test back, a 1st place marathon, or even walking to a grocery store. Awesome.

That transitions into Sideswiper, a rockin jam that again, promotes high fiving. After is The Illinois, which is pretty much an extension of Sideswiper. (PS, this is the other half of the album right hurr). In Treeton, the vocals sound sort of folkyish, like some bands you probably know. Davey Crockett, the albums longest song at 5:48, is a little too long for it’s own good. It starts with a very slow intro that builds like sand in an hourglass. It doesn’t reach it’s peak until there is only about one minute left in the song. Dang.

Thankfully, the listener is woken from the daze of Davey Crockett by Welcome Wagon, which has some sweet guitar lines and harmonies. The last song is Dorian, which is just a nostalgic extension off of Welcome Wagon. Good ender, not in a flashy crazy way like the rest of the album is, more like playing outside all day and then your parent calling you back in for bedtime.

Now if you got the deluxe edition, you could get the Yeasayer remix of the song “Absolute Place” which is on one of Fang Island’s previous EPs. It’s okay. Also included is the video for Daisy. All of this, on iTunes, is $5.99. Holy crap Trevor, $5.99 for 11 songs AND a sweet video? Yes, dear reader. That is all it costs to have people high-five in your ears, which sounds a lot more unpleasant than it actually is.

Well wouldya look at that. I reviewed every track. Oh well. Guess it’s inevitable. SO, tracks to look up: Dreams of Dreams+Careful Crossers, Daisy, Life Coach, Sideswiper, and Welcome Wagon. I hope you have a good day! OH YEAH. I give this album an 83%. Pretty good, pretty good. Okay, I’m done.

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