Top 5 Guilty Pleasures of 2010

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures of 2010

This year has been full of fantastic music throughout. I was really surprised at the quality of music that appeared in all realms of music. These stories are the songs or bands that I really enjoyed that some people might think is strange (besides my normal music taste) or really not good at all. The things that are featured are things that I discovered in 2010, it doesn’t specifically mean that the band  or song came  out in 2010.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance has had a pretty polarized opinion over them. Prior to their release this year, people really either liked them or didn’t because of their image of “ultimate emo-ness” and “blood, tears and black” appearance. Well this album was poised to change things. Gerard Way, MCRs frontman, ditched the emo appearance and was determined on making rock music that was invigorating to the main public and not just to teenagers sitting  in their rooms hiding from their parents and society.

This album really did just that, in my eyes. I liked  MCR before and I was really looking forward to their album coming out and was  really really pleased with the result. The music is poppy and has great synth and guitar hooks that draw in the listener and they ultimately create a great record with a whole new musical outlook! If you can’t see through MCR’s image and listen to the music, you’re seriously missing out.

Post Rock

Godspeed You Black Emperor, This Will Destroy You, Explosions In the  Sky, Mogwai, Tortoise… What do all of these bands have in common? Their average song lengths are usually 10 minutes or longer! Ahh yes, Post rock: pretty much extremely long songs that build and build until they break into chaos for a few minutes, then the song goes back down into it’s  original, slow, quiet, self. They usually have orchestras, or many people playing stringed instruments behind the main melody, if you can call it a melody. There usually is just underlying dissonance and then chaos for the most part. It’s definitely modern music, most of the music being described as to what an apocalypse would sound like.

Godspeed, the band I am most familiar with, splice old interviews and speech clips in that really boost the tension and  set the mindset. Showing this music to friends is probably one of the worst ideas one can come up with. This  music is for personal listening only, for you to think about life and pondering your existence. If you were to show this  to your friends they would get bored in a second, leaving you with a bunch of crushed dreams of thinking that you could change your friends’ outlooks on life by some minimal music. Think again, hipster.

Bed Intruder Song

It truly made my freaking day when I first heard the bed intruder song, thinking that people can make entertainment even better by putting a musical cliche over it. I had seen the actual interview  prior, and thought it was funny as is, but then I actually saw the song and it just blew it up big time. Of  course now  it’s  one of the most popular videos on Youtube and on iTunes, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it anymore just because it’s popular. That would be dumb.

 People mainly don’t like it anymore because it is overplayed and annoying now that the kids that they really despise are singing it in their French class, right next to you, when you are just trying to do your work. I still sing it whenever someone makes a comment having  to with windows, or people being dumb; I’m still there. I’m that kid. But I’m not in a French class.

For the few people who HAVEN’T seen it

Witch House/Dubstep

These two things may have totally different meanings and are not really related at all, but I feel that they are pretty related so here we go. Witch house, a  form of electronic music and a relatively new  genre of music features  electronic artists that create spooky, dark electronic music that feature deep basslines. Salem, a witch house group(?) has a song in my Top 100 called King Night which was nothing like I  had never heard before. The sound is  really unique on its own and it stands up for the genres name as well!

 Dubstep, as many of you may know, is another form of electronic music that usually consists of a huge, intrusive bassline and someother drum melody besides that. Some of my favorite dubstep artists though, like Burial and Forest Swords, don’t really follow the huge bassline formula and creates more mood/feeling music, which I absolutely love. The dubstep that is popular right now follows the formula of big, heavy, basslines that are  perfect for subwoofers in your Honda Accord, you college kid you. So in the end, I am fans of both of these forms of electronic music, but not total fans.

 ~Die Antwoord~

Die Antwoord, a rap collective from South Africa, has created some of the most obscene music I have ever heard. I’ve heard a lot of  music in my days, and I’m only a teenager. But I’m pretty sure I’ll hear nothing else in my life like this. The thing is, about this music, is I actually really like it. Yes, some of it is some of the trashiest stuff I’ve ever heard, but it’s still really different from a lot of  the other  music I’ve ever heard! 

The raps consist of not only english lyrics, but also Afrikaans lyrics, culture, and folklore and features some South African rappers like Jack Parow and a friends of theirs Wanga. They describe  the sound as  “zef”, a South African slang term that has some correlation to the American “white trash” but is described by Yo-Landi Vi$$er as “associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.”

 The group consists of Ninja, the machine-gun rapper that sports not-a-shirt and some very interesting tattoos (those are real, yes), Yo-Landi Vi$$er, his trusty female rapper sidekick that apparently has “constant erotic fantasies”, and the ambiguous DJ Hi-Tek, who apparently “went missing” this year. You can see him in the video down below. They made a big splash with this video, and it was mostly their worldwide debut sparking huge acts like Diplo and Aphex Twin collaborating with the group.

 I am faithfully contributing to their battle to be at the top of the music world because I really like seeing people’s reactions when they listen to the music. It really is polarizing music that either makes people energized and into it or repels them right away. I’m really glad that I found these guys, even through the insanely obscene lyrics. Thanks,  Die Antwoord!

VV Caution: This one is pretty darn explicit. Just warning you.VV

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