Five New Radical Tracks: The Weeknd, Justice, Boris and Lana Del Rey

Early yesterday I saw that The Weeknd’s facebook page put out a post that said “Initiation”, which usually signals something is coming out unexpectedly later that day. True to their tradition, they released a new song called “Initiation” later that day on their facebook and twitter. It’s a RAGER.

As a standalone track, it seems a bit out of place. But if you combine it with their previous efforts, the House of Balloons and Thursday mixtapes, the track fits in perfectly with the material. It’s extremely dark, brooding and there are a ton of creepy pitch changes on Abel Tesafaye’s voice, which hasn’t happened on The Weeknd’s music before. It gives the track an otherworldly quality of evilness or confusion. Tesafaye’s character that he’s playing in these mixtapes has been cracking over the span of the mixtapes and you can clearly hear that he’s disintegrating at this point in the game.

Very interesting. I REALLY want to know how their next mixtape of the year, Echoes of Silence, sounds and if it’s anything like “Initiation”, it’s gonna be the possibly the darkest thing to come out in a long time. I look forward to it.


Also, if you don’t have their first two mixtapes, I HIGHLY recommend that you pick up both of them for free on their website:



Second we have two new tracks from the French electronic duo, Justice. I haven’t really gotten into Justice as much as I have other electronic duos from France (COUGH) but still, I respect them that they are one of the most beloved electronic acts in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t not like Justice. I just haven’t delved into them quite yet.

This might be my opportunity to get into them. This morning, I woke to find the most blogged about songs at the moment were two new Justice tracks “Canon” and “Newlands” and decided that I should give them a try. I am very thankful of myself and the internet that I did. These two tracks are supremely well executed electronic dance songs and it definitely has the signature Justice sound. I can see why both Justice and Daft Punk can exist in the same world now: they both have very different sounds but they achieve the same thing. That thing is to rock the fridge out of any listener. These two tracks just put Justice on my radar. Well played, gentlemen.

Newlands – Justice

Canon – Justice



Next is from the Japanese experimental rock band Boris, who released “Spoon” a shoegazy jam that I haven’t heard much like in this past year. The vocals, like any shoegaze song, are very hushed and mixed in with the burning swath of guitars and drums. I haven’t heard much of Boris, but I do know that they are, like my previous entry about Justice, much loved in their community, working with black metal bands like Sunn O))). I thought I’d check this song out and I’m really glad I did.

The lead singer, Atsuo, has a very delicate and glassy voice which foils the abrasive guitars that are crashing into the song. It’s very interesting. I also love that she sings in Japanese (makes sense, they’re from Japan) which gives another element of foreignness into the song. I don’t know, it’s just a combination I wouldn’t really think of listening to. But I did. I’m crazy.

I really like it, I think y’all should check it out as well.

Here’s another song I found by them that they released this year:



The last thing that I wanted to share was a new track from Lana Del Rey, AKA “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. She came out with a new song “Lolyta” which is the poppiest thing she’s released thus far. It still has her signature retro flair on it, but there’s something about it that is a lot different from her past works. Previous singles “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” are laments, not really peppy at all. This song, on the other hand, is very happy sounding and contrasts her other songs strongly.

I don’t really like it as much as her other songs but it still is worthy to check out. Which is why I’m posting it on the blog. I’m crazy.

Check it out on blah blah blah science RIGHT HERE BELOW THIS YO!!!

Here’s her older songs, “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans”

Okay then, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

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